Thursday, June 30, 2011

Driver's Ed and the Homeschooling Parent

With homeschooling,
you get an opportunity to teach your children
almost everything......

...from potty training.... reading...... multiplication tables, Latin,
and how to change a sparkplug.
(Apparently, how to take a serious picture is not on the list.)

after many hours dedicated to teaching him
how to drive a car,
Nicholas Joel Johnson
passed his driver's license test
with vibrant, flying colors.
That makes two kids down and seven more to go.
Heaven help us.


  1. Congrats, Nick! We are on the fourth and last child to drive. Abby has her permit but seems to lack the reasoning the other three had in regards to driving... Yes, heaven help us!!

  2. Congratulations Nick! Soon you may have the issue of too many drivers for too few vehicles!! We have "fun" sharing vehicles some days due to schedules of work.


  3. sweet...way to go Nick! This was the conversation between myself and the principle at our school."Okay I birthed the babies, woke up at all hours of the night to nurse the babies, taught the toddlers how to use the potty, introduced the student to the world of phonics, painstakingly practiced penmanship with the student, introduced the student to the world of wonderful literature, listened to the students many hours of practicing on their instruments, so....the class I am graciously stepping aside for you to teach to our student is DRIVERS ED!" Yep, this is one class my kids have loved having their dad be the substitute teacher for.

  4. Congratulations to Nick, and cheers for your good news. It's been really fun to see pictures of all your children in recent posts. It helps personalize (and order!) them for those of us for whom so many years have passed since last seeing you (like...gulp....27!) :) You are a wonderful family to "follow."

  5. Congrats to Nick! I know he must be excited. Seems so silly to not be able to get a serious picture of you own kids, isn't it? I know my kids are the same way at times.

  6. I meant to type your own kids. Sorry.

  7. Woooo! Congratulations to Nick! How exciting!

    And one more person who can run errands for mom. ;)