Thursday, June 23, 2011

A good news update!

I've got quite a bit of happy family news.  I've been waiting until I heard back on a few things before posting, so I could put it all in one place.  I hope you'll rejoice and be thankful with us!

First, our Samuel (age 6) does NOT have diabetes.  Several weeks ago, he had a couple of episodes where his blood sugar was high (as in, over 200.)  He was pale, weepy, weak, shaky - Jeff thought he was coming down with something and on a whim, I grabbed the glucometer and took his blood sugar reading.  (I had one around from an earlier bout with gestational diabetes.)  His reading was high, and he had three more episodes that were similar (although not quite so high) in a week's time.  His doctor wanted to see him.  She tested ketones, then sent him to the lab for some bloodwork that shows if there is damage to the pancreas.  There was also a second test run (and I do not even know what it was called) but it shows very specifically that he does NOT have diabetes even at a very early stage.  She suspects that there was indeed a virus that his body was fighting and that it caused a spike in his blood sugar.

Second, Sammy got glasses this week.  I think he looks so cute in them.  If you don't know us in real life, Sam is a tiny squirt.  He's almost seven - and only weighs 42 lbs.  He now looks very scholarly (while he hangs upside down from the swingset.)  :)

(Yeah, I know.  You want to wipe the corners of his mouth.  Me too.  It's a mom-thing.)
I wish he wasn't so camera shy.

Second - and I've not said much about this online, because we've been waiting for it all to unfold, but Jeff has been hired on full-time at his new place of employment!  Yay!!!  He left his job as a social worker/family counselor/mentor for a private social services agency (they did a lot of family self referrals and preventative work) back in April.  The hours were long, he was pretty burned out, and the pay was....well....while we were very very grateful there was simply no where to go with the company.

Jeff's done a lot of different types of work over the years of our marriage.  He's been a youth pastor, an associate pastor, a regular pastor.  He's been a carpet layer and worked in Purchasing.  He's done social work and fixed up houses.  He has his bachelor's in Social Sciences and Bible, and work toward a Master's in Business.  

He now works organizing a warehouse and keeping parts at the ready for a large company.  He loves it!  He gets variety and gets to keep things neat and tidy (so unlike at home!!!)  I told him that I want his job!  I find it hard to believe that a person can put something away in the right place and it ACTUALLY STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT!  He also gets to drive the backhoe and forklift, so thinks that's pretty cool.  :)

He's been considered a temp since April at this new job, but starting Monday, he's a full and regular employee.  He still has long days - he's gone 12 hours at a time - but it's a good job and it's a foot in the door with a good company.  He's tired, but there's a light in his eyes and he still has energy when he comes home from work.  (Tonight he fixed a clogged pipe and fixed the vacuum and folded laundry and tucked the little ones into bed...that's pretty normal, too, I'd say.)  I'm so thankful for a good job for him - we've been praying for something like this for four years.  

There's a neat amazing back story as to how this job came about and the timing behind it.  God's hand was involved, it's pretty clear. 

Third, our son Nick (age 16) has been going through quite a bit of testing as well.  We've ruled out a lot of things - but maybe, finally, are zeroing in on a clue.  Specific adrenal testing has shown some signs of over-production of cortisone - potential Cushing's disease.  He has an appointment with an endocrinologist.  The bad news?  He can't get in to see her until January 25th.  That's frustrating - but at least we have a beginning - and when you've got a kid who is struggling and you don't know what is wrong, a beginning is a very good thing.


  1. Great news! So happy for you all :)

  2. Happy to hear things are working out for you all. I am amazed you have to wait as long as you do to get your son in to the endocrinologist. That is such a long time. In this time, your son has to suffer or struggle through symptoms and can't get help until then. The medical system can both appall and amaze you, can't it?

    You have one of those multi-talented hubby's too. It's good to know that they will try anything.

  3. Want to tickle your bespectacled boy :)
    And shake your fine man's hand -- praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you, Lord, for your provision in this work!

    You mama well, Holly... all to His glory alone.

    May He continue to encourage and carry and bless you, friend...

    More love than thin letters can hold...

  4. VERY good news! I admit to being a wee bit concerned when you shared Sam's blood sugars with us. And what adorable photos - your Sammy is a cutie!

    And praise God, indeed, for the news on Jeff's work. It sounds like every man's dream job (keeping things neat and driving a forklift) - it sure would be Louis'.

    May the Lord make a way for the endocrinologist to see Nick sooner.

    Much love,

  5. That's about the size of my 7 year old.

    There was a prayer request for 7 year old at church the other day. She's really very sick and it's no laughing matter but they kept saying...."She's down to 35 pounds!!!" and I was thinking, "so?" Then I remembered a lot of 7 year olds weigh much more than that.

    Yay for the job!!!

  6. Some kiddos are just small-fry, eh, Brenda? :) Most of my kids aren't as small as Sam - but he seems to be okay!

    Patricia - too funny. I think you're right on the guy thing. Thing is, Jeff is surprised by how much he enjoys it. He's learning a lot about himself, I think.

    Ann - thank you. :) I always love to hear from you.

    Rachel - yes. I've been struggling with disappointment at the length of time to see the endo. They are simply in short supply in our area. I'm praying about that...what to do, etc. I can travel if I need to - first, though, I'm just trying to get my brain around it and understand it, see what I think is the best plan. Still - it's good to know there is a reason for some interesting symptoms!

    Jill - thank you. :)

  7. Samuel looks absolutely adorable in his glasses. He reminds me of my little brother, who is quite a bit older than your son, but who has always had that sweet, funny personality.

    Congratulations on the new job.

    I'll pray that Nick can get in to see the doctor sooner. Maybe they'll have a cancellation.

  8. Dear Holly,

    I am very happy to hear the wonderful news about Jeff's job and Samuel's good health. Wow, January 25th, that is a very long wait! I pray Nick feels better soon.

  9. Holly, You have had what seems to be an overwhelming number of health problems in your family and yet you seem to have kept your chin up through all of it. That inspires me to "keep on keeping on" in circumstances that are actually much less challenging than yours. Your attitude is definitely a blessing. Glad to hear about your husband's job; what a relief that must be.

  10. Happy happy joy joy! So glad for the great news! Praises to Him from Whom all blessings flow! :D