Tuesday, July 5, 2011

By way of explanation....

I know that blogging is a voluntary activity, and no explanation is really necessary when one is unable to "be present" on her own blogsite.

I have recently realized, however, that I am almost certainly in the middle of a flare-up of  Hashimoto's Disease.  (Hashimoto's is an auto-immune thyroid disease.)  As much as I would like to push it away or pretend that it is not a part of my life, it is.  I am just hopeful that by eating well, exercising properly and resting when I can, I will be able to stuff it back in the basket, tape the lid on tight, and shove it back into some deep, dark place under the bed of my life.  :)

On top of that, I have the flu.

I scarcely have the energy for anything extra in the immediate.  I have not even found the extra energy to respond well to blog comments - let alone letters that come my way.  I am sorry about that and am hopeful that all will be better soon.  I seem to have lost the ability to multi-task; and multi-tasking is imperative for mothers.

Hashimotos means (for me) sore joints, thick and fuzzy thinking, headaches, heart palpitations, and fatigue.  I struggle to handle my responsibilities in daily life. I do not like to take medication.  The medication my doctor has given me before has the unfortunate effect of making me tired and of slowing everything down.  That, um....seems counter-productive, since those are two of the symptoms of the disease to begin with.

I just wanted to take a moment to explain, in case anyone is wondering where I am or why I am so slow to respond.  Hopefully, I'll kick this thing back into remission and be back on top of my game soon.  :)

I appreciate each one of you who stops by.   Thank you for taking the time to say hello.  :)


  1. Praying for a return to good health and for peace and rest in the meantime!

  2. (((Holly)))Praying for you to recover quickly from all it and for you to get the rest you need. XOX

  3. So sorry you aren't feeling well, Holly! Lots of people love you!

  4. I hope that you feel better real soon, Holly!! <3

  5. Dearest Holly,

    I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering again from this problem! I'm so thankful He knows and cares and will carry you safely through whatever comes. My Elisabeth Elliot quote for today was: "In God's economy, whether He is making a flower or a human soul, nothing ever comes to nothing. The losses are His way of accomplishing the gains."

  6. Here's to hoping you feel better and get back into the groove of motherhood. I know it isn't easy. A few months ago, I experienced symptoms that had doctors perplexed. The doctor ran so much blood work I was tired from running to labs. Fortunately, most of the problems went away without any answers as to what they were. We are still waiting on one test to come back.
    Anyway...you hang in there. Know all things work together for the good... When we are weak He is strong.

  7. Holly, I've been thinking about you lately. I am glad for an update and I am so sorry you are not feeling well. It is SO hard to mother when you don't feel good. Ugh, it's just plain ole rough. I really feel for you. Hope you can get some good rest in...a day at a time, right?
    love, Didi

  8. Sorry Holly! The flu during a flare-up is no fair.

  9. It's OK, Holly - just take care of yourself. We're still here, still caring. I'm sorry you're feeling so unwell.

  10. Thinking of you, my friend. Praying for your recovery. Take time in getting well. No expectations and lots of love!

  11. Holly,

    You are precious. I pray you feel better very, very soon. :-)

    Make those wonderful kiddos pamper you a bit. You deserve it!


    Katy Dunigan

  12. Hello Holly,

    My mom introduced me to your blog (My parents Steve and Debbie Norman ran a flooring store your husband worked at in high school) :)

    I guess it's been 10 years ago now that I was finally (correctly) diagnosed with Hoshimotos. I cannot even imagine having to keep up with nine kids during a flare up! And the flu to boot. wow.

    I trust you have all the support you need and know what is best for you to get that annoying disease under control. It always amazes me how it's different for everyone. . .

    Thank you for taking the time to share so I know how to pray for you right now. I will be doing just that!

    ~Nikki (Norman) Laven

  13. I'm so sorry you've been sick!

    Absolutely I will be praying for you! Not just for the flu, but for the Hashimoto's too.

    *Hugs* I hope you feel better soon.

  14. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I am sorry to hear that you have struggled too. Do you have a good doctor, yourself? Please thank your mom for sending you over to say hello! :)

    Hashimotos is just no fun - but no illness is. The doctor put me on a steroid - just for a few days to clear up a sinus/bronchial infection - and so I've been filled with energy. I think it tricked me, ha ha. :) It will be interesting to see where I land when I'm finished with it.

    Mostly, I just try to deny that I have Hashimotos. I deny it until I'm flat on the floor and wondering why. I dislike the whole process of doctor's appointments and bloodwork (got enough of that with the pregnancy...) and I come from this long line of people who just keep slogging along while feeling horrible. Ha. (It's not my fault! Blame my genes! Ha Ha.)


    Thank you, EVERYONE, each one of you dear friends - for reaching out to me in love. You are so kind. I wish you all the best, too.