Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gabriel - 8 months

I love him and his puppy dog eyes.

He loves water, and bubbles
and me...
and his daddy and all of "his kids."

Gabe's 8th month:  Sitting up on his own, picking up food, expanding his food repertoire.
He still hates all fruit except bananas....really digs carrots.  He wants to eat, but doesn't actually like most items that he tries.  He "tried" juice in a bottle - but really, I don't usually give a baby juice, and he didn't care for it anyway.  (I was really just trying to give him something new and interesting to keep him occupied in church.  It was novel and worked once - but he's asked me to never give him that stuff again.)

I can already tell that he has no plans to remain a baby.  He wants to be like everybody else.
Peer pressure, I guess.
He'll be off and crawling soon, and then there will be no containing him.
Gabe's first year sure has been sweet.

1 comment:

  1. He is such a sweetie!

    I totally envy you being able to give baths in the sink too. That tub is a killer on my knees! My baby is 5 so I've just got a tiny bit longer left to "help." And then, of course, I'll miss it and cry. :)