Monday, June 6, 2011

Coming and going

Teeth don't know if they're coming or going around this house.
The tooth fairy* needs a rolodex to keep it all straight.
Jake, age 18, had his wisdom teeth out this morning.
(Yes, I still remember his first tooth and how proud I was of him and it when it first popped thru when he was 3 months old.)

Sam (age 6) just lost two dentists involved.  It's fun to watch as kids grow up, but I always feel a little sad because I remember those first cute tiny teeth so well, and how relieved "the baby" and I were when they first popped thru.  Then they go and work so hard to get them to come out.  Go and break a mother's heart, why don't ya, kid?

And this li'l hummer?  Yeah.  Gabe's in the process of cutting three teeth - all at the same time.  He was quite crabby while waiting for his older brother to come out from under anesthesia.

*We talk about the "tooth fairy," but no one has ever believed in "her."  I recently asked Sam if the tooth fairy had shown up.  He said, "Yah, if you mean a toof faiwee dat wooks wike Dad and dat puts a dowwar under my piwwow...Yah.  Da toof faiwee came."  

It's so hard to talk without any front teeth.


  1. I never believed in the tooth fairy. We always put the tooth in a glass of water & left it in the kitchen - in the morning there was a loonie in the glass! I guess my parents didn't want to be tripping over things in our room and digging around underneath pillows for a tooth, ha!

  2. Smart parents, Kat! :) If I had known I was going to have nine kids, I might have rethought the whole thing. :)

    Just kidding. It's fun. No biggie.

    If the "tooth fairy" forgets - Daddy gives them two dollars. They always hope he forgets.

  3. That's so cute! Marking time by tooth, ha! :D That's 180 baby teeth all together, wow. :)