Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On Parenting

Parenting is not 
about rigid ideology.

It's not about being right,
nor a wonderful example at all times
nor a paragon of virtue.

It's not about constructing the perfect home life 
nor even the carefully constructed educational environment.
(I've tried to do both.)
There is no guaranteed method for the efficient mass production of saints. 
Parenting is very messy.
(And I don't mean the red food coloring.)

It's not for perfect people.
You're going to mess up.
Everyone does.

means you will fail your children,
Honesty demands that you admit it, 
to them.

It's a hard thing,
asking people to follow you 
and to do as you say,
when you are well aware of your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

Sometimes, being a parent means
you will have to say
"Be like me," and at other times,
"Don't be like me."
You'll have to listen close to your Creator to know which one
is the right one for the situation!
It's an awesome, fearsome thing
that He given us to do.
There are times I think,
"Does He really think I can do this?"

Parenting is about being in it for the long haul.
It's all about sticking with the mess,
and loving through the mess.
It's blood, mud, sweat,and tears
"I will always love you," 
"I'm sorry,"
"Will you forgive me?"
and "Let's start all over again."

And for this one? It's all about the Popsicles.


  1. Well put. Beautiful kids, too. Are those popsicle drips on the pool? :-) They leave their mark everywhere they go...even on our hearts.

  2. Yes. Popsicle drips everywhere, Rachel. :) First home-made popsicles of the season. Next time, I'm thinking something colorless. :)

  3. so well said, Holly! Thank you, again, for just being so real yet so encouraging. Your kiddos are adorable and so full of personality just looking at pictures of them!

  4. All your babies are so precious, but this little girl has just stollen my heart since she was born! Too cute!

  5. She is a mess....


    Thank you Andrea and Shannon!

  6. Oh my gosh they're so adorable! :D

    I'm inclined to think that kids make parenting easy, and it's us grownups who make it difficult! LOL