Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The mission field is all around us...

The kids and I have spent this week the same way as many other Midwestern small-town families:  we processed corn for freezing.  Yes, I have a corn-cutter, but I don't like to use it.  I'm tired of emergency rooms - the knife seems safer to me, and I'm quite familiar with it.

We are so blessed, and we know this.  A 90-something year old cousin of my mother's just can't stop growin' corn.  He also can't stop giving it away.  Every year I simply guess at his age, but I'm never sure I'm right, so I have given up trying.  I know he's over ninety, and he's generous with his corn.

This year it was only my youngest five at home to help shuck the four large garbage bags full of ears of corn.  My oldest three have jobs in the community.  When our seven year old neighbor girl stopped by to play, we talked her into helping too.  Just  five young ones and me out in the yard, peeling husks from the corn.  (Gabe just isn't any help at all at 9 months of age....)  It's hot, and the silks cling everywhere - but it was nice too.  We talked about a lot of things like school, and how her daddy lost another job, how they don't have enough food to feed their cats (that's okay....we already feed them...), and, well, all of the heavy things on a seven year old heart.

God brings the mission field to us, doesn't he?  Isn't there always someone who needs to see Jesus in us, someone who needs his love - through us?   Is this how you find it, as well?

It seems to me that I can't plan it - it's as natural as can be.  We simply live, and walk, and go about our daily lives, and we look up, and there someone is, needing to see Him, through us.  Physical, financial, emotional, spiritual - there are so many ways that we may help.  If we pray for wisdom, he will let us know what is needed most.  God pours himself into our lives, and we turn right around and pour the overflow right back into the life of another.  There is nothing misappropriated in God's economy.


  1. Awesome post, Holly!!! The mission field is indeed all around us. My Emily is another example. She should be in Africa this week, but she's home helping me ...and the elderly friend I'm supposed to be caring for, as well. Yesterday she helped another friend with is taking care of her mother and two disabled grandchildren. She didn't need to go to Africa to meet people in need.

  2. thanks Holly. We need to be reminded of this daily.

  3. EXACTLY. I completely agree...and I'm so thankful that 7 year old could pour out her heart to you.

    And a little sigh with you too....this year I picked blueberries with JUST my youngest...everyone else off at jobs and friends. It was a poignant moment, realizing how the times are changing. (((you)))

  4. The overflow...It is nice to say that. God has blessed us so richly. It is our duty as Christians to help those who are less fortunate and in need. I love to help people, I just wish my husband were on the same page as I am.

  5. Gorgeous, Hol. You have such a gift with words.

  6. I always say compassion begins at home and if we are not walking across the street to share Christ, there would never be a reason for Him to send us across the ocean. The mission field truly is at our doorstep

  7. WOW-- amazing post ..bringing it home. And heart breaking : all of the heavy things on a seven year old heart.

  8. Yes! Thank you for sharing your story.

    There are so many needs, so many places to give. It starts here at home... and goes to the check-out girl at the grocery store, to passing kids who keep throwing trash in my corner garden, and the neighbor lady who wants to chat too long.

    May He give us His Grace to be like Him right where He has put us.

  9. This reminds me of stories from Edith Schaeffer!

  10. Everyone, thank you! God's work is here, it is there, it is all around us. May we have eyes to see! All thanks to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

    Patricia - what a precious girl you have. She is a true blessing - I know that.

    Rachel - sometimes all they need is a warm smile and a listening ear. (()) God bless you.


  11. It is so beautiful how you became the quiet presence this little child needed to open up to.
    God brings people together at the right time and in the right a way... that never fails to astonish me.
    Blessings and Love to you and your lovely family Holly.

  12. Such a heartfelt post Holly. It's hard to be 7, and we grown-ups often forget that. You remembered. She will too. :)

    And it's time to whip Gabriel into shape! Silly slacker! ;)

  13. Thank you Holy for the reminder that we are all suppose to serve and it should be everywhere!