Saturday, January 9, 2010

Scrapbooking our early years, part 1

It has been a few years since I've scrapbooked.  I tend to go in blitzes and cycles.  I am hoping to spend the remainder of winter scrappin'.  I am working on an album for Jeff and I, of our dating, wedding, and early years.  If I finish that, I need to do a couple of baby albums.

Here's some of the pictures I'm working with this weekend.  Some of them are such poor quality, but I treasure them.  I don't even remember what we used for a camera in those days, possibly a cheap 110.  Anyway, here are the memories:

He worked in the college shop.  I thought he was adorable.  I used to watch him mow the yard from my dorm window.  He liked cats, back then.  Now, he has kids.  Cats don't rate so high.

I held his hand first, one rainy October day.  (October 23, 1986, kids, if you're reading this some day.)  After that, he was history.  Mine.  I could tell you grand stories of courtship, but we didn' know nuttin' about that.  We just belonged together.  We dated for 2.5 years before getting married.  I had promised my Dad I'd finish college prior to marriage, so I worked really hard and finished college in 3 years.  (Jeff was a Minnesota boy.  He came to college in Iowa with his only coat - which he wore all through the cold Minnesota winters in high school.  It was a jean jacket with a green/brown hooded sweatshirt inside.  I don't know how he survived with only that jacket to keep him warm.)

He soon took me home to meet his mom and dad.  You may thank me for the lovely colors in the background.  The seventies never did leave Pine River, Minnesota.

Minnesota, in front of the stand of trees in his parent's front yard. Brr.  I was 17, he was 18 when we met.  I bought him the green shaker sweater for his birthday.  They were very popular at the time.

Romantic, right?  Lots of trees in the North Woods, soft snowfall...

Yeah.  Cold, too.  No mercy.  That's why I don't go outside much in the wintertime.

(more pictures tomorrow.) 


  1. Aw, Sara. You're so sweet.

    Our little kids don't think this is their Daddy...because the guy in the pictures has hair. :)

    Julia asked me: "Mommy, did you live in the olden days?"

    Oh, man. I knew those perceptions were coming. I could have scripted them!

  2. Love it! This made me SMILE huge this morning! Thanks!
    & I have similar story about my parents wanting me to finish college before marriage too. took 3 years too! : )
    I hope you have a great day.
    PS. I love the new look to your blog.

  3. Thanks, Leanne. :) It's funny what will motivate a girl to get through college. :) I felt like it was a "win-win" for all involved. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, too.

    Oh, we are still working on the blog...touches that need done here and there. I think I was just ready for something girly. :)