Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If you give a child a hamster....

Actually, if you give your children permission to go and pick up a free baby hamster...

And before they walk out of the door you acknowledge that yes, the boys could have a baby hamster and the girls could have a baby hamster....

Even if you feel that you have clearly articulated your point of view and your boundaries....

Be aware that they will come home with........

FIVE of them.  And there is no way to give them back.


  1. Watch out, Holly. This happened to our family- only with rabbits (you know where this is going?) At one point, we were "parents" to over twenty at a time. Thankfully, they had other homes to go to.

    Do you know how to tell girl hamsters from boy hamsters?

  2. HA HA Good luck with your new little friends =)

    Love the new look of your blog!

    Yesterday I enjoyed looking at your scrapbooking posts.

    Have a good day!

  3. Um...yes, gender is pretty obvious once they have matured a little...but these guys are still too young for it to be clear. :) I *think* there is one boy and 4 girls, which, my husband tells me could be a STUNNING and OVERWHELMING ration if the boy were to get into the girl cage....


  4. How funny! My kids have always wanted to get a hamster, rabbit, goat, etc. And ALL I would let them have is a dog and cat! I am such a "mean" mom! HA Enjoy your new additions!


  5. Well, this sure made me SMILE today!

  6. hey...one boy, four girls.

    how many of them can you sell? depending on what kind they are, and what the pet market is...that MIGHT be a good business opportunity for one of your children. :)

    Sorry but that IS the practical pet loving, business aspect part of me speaking out there. make use of what you have. :)