Thursday, January 7, 2010

Remains of the day - 1

I am hereby instituting a blog genre I call "Remains of the Day."

Too often, the days are simply too busy to write a coherent post.  That bugs me, and yet, I don't want to forget the crazy-business of these days.  Yes, I could be more efficient if I didn't "waste time on the computer," and yet, someday I do want to read back and see just what we did cram into a typical day.

I suspect that you'll learn that I'm not very organized.  I am okay with that.  There are definitely reasons why I have never been asked to teach organizational seminars at the local homeschool conventions.

In other words, blogging will at times be more "stream-of consciousness" rather than polished.  Again - I am at peace.  :)

My kids are outside playing in the freshly fallen snow.  When I awoke this morning and saw that the anticipated snowfall had indeed arrived, I groaned.  Sure, it is pretty, but there is nothing like that first snow flurry of locating boots and mittens and hats and snowpants.  My children LITERALLY stood outside of the bathroom door while I showered, calling hopefully everyonceinawhile "Can we go out yet?"  "Are you done yet?"  "Are my snowpants purple?" "Do we have any boots that fit me?"  (Answers:  Absolutely NOT.  Please, go away and give me five minutes of peace, no, and no.  Add the last two to the TO BUY list.)

Emily has a swollen lymph node that is getting larger and larger and causing her some pain, so we will fit a doctor's visit in at noon today.  This involves rearranging schedules and vehicles.  Jeff had to drive me up to get the car from Jake at work at the library, as I will need it to take Em to the doctor.  The office is almost an hour away.  That means that as soon as I log off I need to make stew for lunch (from the leftover roast that needs using) so that Nick can feed the little ones while we are away.  Jake will need to walk home from work at 12:30 - but it is only about 8 blocks.  Fortunately I brought him a hat.

After the doctor's visit, we will need to come home and trade kids.  Jake and Nick will drive with me an hour the other direction, to scoop snow off of my parent's stairs and sidewalks and driveway.

I am thinking of my parents and the elderly lady I sit with.  Should I scoop her snow too?   Take her and them some stew tonight?  What about those cookies Emily made last night?  (Peanut butter with kisses.  I bet they would like those.)

And what about supper?  What can I throw together?  Somewhere, I need to try to cram in a little bit of exercise.  It is what keeps me feeling healthy and energetic.  School?  The kids have doubled up some days, so we are fine to focus on other things than academics for today.

Snow and sickness always present challenges to work around in our days.  For some of us, the snow brings much merriment and delight.  For others of us, it means coats, boots, melting snow and mud to clean up and craziness.  I'll take their joy, stir it into a cup of hot cocoa, and top it with marshmallows.  I'll rejoice in their winter joy.  They have enough for all of us.

*Bonus:  Shoveling snow for an hour or so IS exercise.  Cross one thing off the list!  Hope you all had a great day!


  1. Loved this post, Holly! Great idea!
    I must confess a bit of pride as this year I remembered while the leaves were still falling for everyone to do a boots and snow pants hunt! We were ready! : ) I felt like the Proverbs 31 woman that I could smile at winter coming! HA! (that happens very rarely with me as I mostly think I am nothing like that woman! hehehe!)
    I hope Emily will be well soon.
    I hope we get a lil more snow here for my kids to enjoy; so far it hasn't amounted to much.

  2. Holly, I just simply LOVE you. No other words. You bring me peace and smiles by being transparently YOU. Thank you, God, for dear, sweet Holly. ~Sara A.

  3. Leanne, YOU DA WOMAN! :) I will try to do that next year. I have looked ALL YEAR long at every thrift store to find specific pairs of snowpants and boots. No such luck, so I was caught with winter, unawares.

    Sara, thank you. I LOVE you too! :)

  4. I hope Emily is okay and that nothing serious is wrong. I'll say a prayer for her. :)

  5. Holly, your days sound like mine, and I only have four kids- going on five! I took the last week just to recover from the holidays. I am sure you remember- holidays and the ministry means run, run, run, until you have no steam left! At lease that's how I felt! I was pooped by Christmas and New Year's. I am going on 23 weeks along with this pregnancy, and while I am cherishing it, (because this might just be 'it' for our family) it is the most exhausting pregnancy I have had yet. Could it be the four other children 7 and under??? We have an inkling what this baby is- (not totally sure, the baby wouldn't cooperate very well!) but we aren't sharing the gender until he/she is born! I mean, someone has to be surprised, right??? =) It might be us, since we didn't get a very good look! Just wanted to say that I am glad you are starting to blog again, I have missed your posts. And your littlest is adorable!!! My littlest is just a little older, and has the same spunky, vibrant personality. Oh, and I groan when we have our first snow, too. I can't help it. I am only human! I am the one scrambling for all the stuff while the kiddos clammor around me... and then scrambling around picking up the wet, dripping things when they trudge back in! Oh, the joys.... I am glad they have so much fun- otherwise, it would so not be worth it!!! <3, Cassandra

  6. Hi Cassandra! I did not know you were expecting. Congratulations! I remember trying to find your blog awhile ago, and was unsuccessful. Nice to see you!

    Vanessa - I'm sure she'll be fine. :) Thank you!