Monday, January 11, 2010

Scrapbooking our beginnings, part 3

Here I am, showing off my engagement ring to my parents.  Jeff, king of the funny faces, is looking rather glum.  I don't think he meant it...but I also don't imagine he was all that comfortable.  :)

This was rehearsal day.  We're standing at my parent's back door.  It was a little parsonage of a United Methodist Church in Southern Illinois.  Notice the looks on our faces.  He's giving his, "whatever," look, which says that he was humoring me.  I'm giving my "mildly put out" look. 

Rehearsal.  Neither one of us likes to be the center of attention, so it was an awkward time for us.  We really just couldn't wait to get the ceremony over with, and just be married, already.

My brother was supposed to walk me down the aisle.  For the rehearsal, he carried me instead.

Here we are, with a cheesy self portrait on our honeymoon.
I think we look very happy.  :)  We were married at ages 20 and 21, but we both have always felt
that we could have married even younger.  We've never looked back.

I won't post wedding pictures here, because I've posted them before.
Jeff was in a wedding a week before ours, and a week afterwards. 
This was taken the week following our wedding.  I loved that dress, bow and all.
I had originally planned that it would be my wedding dress, but most people voted for a full-length traditional style wedding gown.  I still wish I'd worn this one.

We lived in married student housing.  It was so very small, a loft apartment. 
I still felt overwhelmed by ALL OF THE WORK I HAD TO DO.  (I look on that in restrospect and almost laugh myself silly.  What, exactly, did I have to clean?)  The water heater was so small that it would only heat enough for one very short shower, the bathroom was so small that one could rest on the commode and reach the sink at the same time.  This...thing, upon which Jeff is reclining, was our "couch."  I don't know for sure what was under the blanket.  Maybe some cushions  Eventually we got a better couch and we STILL had to prop it up with old commentaries.

I worked days as a Publications Coordinator for the college.  I wrote a newspaper column, wrote press releases, and designed the college magazine.  In the afternoons, I answered the college switchboard.  I took a few more college classes, just for fun.  Jeff finished his senior year, worked in the shop, and worked as night security, locking up the buildings.  We ran a little miniature golf course for a summer.  I loved planting the flowers that year, I'm sure that's what I'm supposed to be displaying here.  You might notice that I cut my hair short.  I'm pretty sure that I am wearing what is called "mom jeans," even though I was a long way from being a mom.  :)  For sure,we never dreamed that I'd be a mom of eight kids.

This is inside our apartment.  Obviously, it was Christmas time.  Jeff was working on homework...or maybe it was baseball stats.  Who knows.  :)

Thanks for coming along as I've scrapbooked this weekend.  I'm really glad that I started back in.  I'm making good progress already, and the kids are enjoying watching as I go.  I will probably continue to share some pictures over this winter as the process continues.


  1. I remember that those geese (last picture) were so popular then. They were on curtains and linens of all kinds. Funny.

    Thanks for sharing these very sweet pictures.

  2. Thank you, Sara. That was a gift for my mother that year. :) Yes, we were married in the era of country blue and geese. :)

  3. I remember the night before your wedding and the big thunder storm. Michele and I huddled like scared babies in a double bed while you slept like a baby! -Marie "Flex"

  4. So cool to see pics of you and Jeff when you were younger, also hearing your story.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Karen in IN

  5. Holly, I've been looking through your "scrapbook" here on your blog, and I have to tell you how much I've enjoyed it. It's brought back a lot of memories of my own life at that time (Oh those geese!) and it's been so much fun seeing a young couple in love, such hopeful faces, so joyous and in love.

    It's been so much fun, and thank you for sharing all of this. It's been a real blessing. :)

    PS - LOVE the new look! Your son did a great job. :)

  6. Enjoying your scrapbooking and a glimpse of your earlier life. Knowing what I do with cards, I'm having a hard time getting one (first) scrapbook done for Stephanie before she graduates! I like your new page look too.


  7. memories are good.

    and hey..I like this pink. :)

  8. Marie, I must have been exhausted. Those were a crazy few days. I'm so glad you were there. I was just looking at pictures of your wedding, too!

    Rhonda...yes. I can imagine that you would do a scrapbook up right. :) It will be beautiful!

  9. I loved this. I love that white dress with the bow. It is perfect on you.
    Thanks for sharing your scrapbook of younger days of love and beginnings. My anniversary is coming up soon so maybe I will post something like this too.