Friday, August 26, 2011

Family Art

I'm hooked on "family art" right now, particularly hands. I'm also working on a self-portrait composite of all the kids. We just finished this piece for the laundry room. I got the idea off of Pinterest, you can see the original here.

I bought a large canvas at JoAnn's, (40% off already with an extra 20% off total order coupon.) That's not to impress you or anything, it's just how I do things. It's gotta be affordable or it's not going to happen. I painted the canvas with some paint that was leftover from one of the bedrooms, then traced around each family member's hand on textured paper. (It was from Jeff's fancy smancy resume' paper stash, I believe....shhhh....) Then I mod podged them onto the canvas. I ended up using three layers of mod podge over the entire picture. I wanted depth and texture.

This isn't quite the finished project - I added a couple of words to each person's hand after this picture was taken. It took me awhile, because I wanted the words to both reflect the individual's personality and gifting, and also to be words of blessing. It's crowded and "loud," but that's what I wanted. It's full of meaning for our family.

And oh, look. There's just a tiny bit of room right beside Gabe's little yellow know, just in case, someday. :)
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  1. I. AM. DOING. THIS.

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I want to see a picture of the final product, after you've added the special words for each.

  3. Holly, THAT is adorable!!! Obviously I'm way beyond those years now, but wouldn't it be a fun thing to create at almost any family gathering, even. Love it...and the wee little space by Gabe's hand...just in case.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    It is delicious!!!

  4. This is wonderful, full of love, life and color.


  5. I love this! Saving it and hoping to do this in the future :-)

  6. Holly, I LOVE this!

  7. This is so awesome! And here I thought I was being "creative" when I used little hands and feet cut-outs to make spiders and ghosties and turkeys, LOL. :) I've learned a thing or 2 here! Beautiful job, Holly.

    Is that a hint, about the space next to Gabriel's hand?

  8. :) Thank you, everyone. :)

    It's not really a hint, Ness.....just...well, you never know. :)


  9. Oh, and I posted a picture of my copycat artwork over at my blog if you want to see what you inspired. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.