Monday, September 5, 2011

What she wanted

This is what Julia wanted for her thirteenth birthday.

She picked him out at birth, the only orange, tailed kitten in a batch of grey manx babies.
His name is Puff, and he and she are now conjoined.  I'm thinking of making her a "sling" to hold her baby in.  It's that serious between them.  Homework?  Holding your sleeping kitten on your lap is obviously a perk of homeschooling.  Reading before bed?  It's super-cozy curled up in your blankets with just your bedside lamp on and your kitty wrapped purring against your chest.  Kittens and apron strings....kittens and yarn....kittens and fall leaves....ah, memories yet to be made.

And this is Clementine.
She's the little sister.  We're keeping her, too, because Mama (that's me....) wants her.....
rather fiercely, actually.

Clementine has spina bifida, most likely due to the manx mutation.
She's feisty, and sweet, and although she has weak hind legs and hops when she runs, she holds her own just fine against her brother Puff.
I've resisted having indoor cats for years now, feeling like I had plenty of living "creatures" to take care of and clean up after.  We've tried dogs this summer, and have concluded that we are NOT dog people.  We are at least kitten people, and so I've given in,   I have a feeling they will be spoiled rotten.  How could they not?

Clementine is completely tail-less.  I love her coloration, too, sort of a silvery-grey with almost siamese markings.

~Happy Thirteenth, Julia~ 
It is our hope that Puff will be a long-time friend and a gift that gives many happy memories over your girlhood years.
You are so very, very loved.
~Mom and Dad~


  1. Oh, my thirteen year old would be sooooo envious! She wants a cat very badly and Daddy says no.

  2. What a wonderful birthday present!

  3. ah...13 year olds and cats...and kittens...and bunnies (or horses). :)

    With the spina bifida in the one kitten...what does that mean long term for it?

  4. She should be fine. We plan to have her spayed when she's old enough. I don't think she should have kittens. The main concern with cats with spina bifida (as I understand it) is that they might not have bowel/bladder control. She does very well with that, is totally litter trained and very tidy at 8 weeks of age. I was worried about that, but fortunately, it was not an issue.



  5. Cat people!!! WHAT??? I hope Isaac didn't hear that! :)

  6. Oh how sweet! It reminded me of when I got my furry boy back when I was 13. :)

    Happy birthday to Julia!