Monday, August 1, 2011

Home-education: Science and History projects in the Summer

We do many of our messy school projects in the summer. It's practical, and it keeps me from stressing out about science projects or hands-on history during the traditional school year. Here, Josiah and Ben are making bricks in Hebrew slave fasion: just make mud, add some straw, and mix it around with your toes. We dried the mud into bricks in the sun for several days, then took them out of the boxes and flipped them over to dry on the other side. They turned out great. I assured the kids that with just, oh, say, 500 more bricks they could build their very own brick playhouse. Think of just how busy that would keep them! :)

Study and project ideas from  "Old Testament Days"

I used this book back when my biggest kids were little themselves. It's fun to cycle back thru our favorite books and projects, as long as it doesn't come back around too soon. 

This history project was messy, but clean up was fun. I hosed them off, then let them jump into their wading pool. In true multi-tasking fashion, I brought out a bottle of shampoo, and evening baths were also accomplished.

It's summer school, and the kids don't even know it.  :)  Definitely a "win-win" situation for everyone involved.
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  1. A new neighbor of mine, upon entering our tiny backyard exclaimed, "I would know you were homeschoolers just by the mud pit. It's awesome! " :)

    Any pics of the finished bricks?

  2. I'm horrible with science projects. Those have to wait until my husband has time to do them with the kids. It's been a fun thing for them to do together.
    We have "learning activities" in the summer, because I want to keep up with learning, but don't want to call it school. There are so many fun games and activities where the kids are learning or reviewing and don't even realize it.

  3. Sara, that is great. :) Ha Ha! I apologized to a visitor last week for the great holes in my side yard. :)

    Anna - I know what you mean. I don't call it school either - but really, all of life is "school," right?

  4. Those are some awesome ideas! I wish we had a yard we could do things like that in. :) One day, Lord willing.