Friday, August 12, 2011

God Wins. Simple eschatology from an ordinary housewife.

I had a recent epiphany that warmed me as understanding spread - "how to live peacefully in the midst of crazy times?" 

How not to go over the edge with panic over a million things?  How not to grow hardened and cynical, how to avoid becoming a part of the angry, raging crowd that seems to grow larger by the day?

My husband has said it to me before over the years, but I did not fully realize it until now.

In the end, it comes down to grasping one simple thing. 

God wins.

At times like these, when it seems that everyone is tense with worry and fear; when famine, tornadoes, earthquakes, faltering economies and nuclear meltdowns have dominated the calendar - it is essential to see the big picture, to keep this perspective in mind:

God wins.

We look ahead, through the struggles, the questions, the tears...and as we blink to see, we understand that God wins.

The book of Revelation was written so that we would not put our trust in Government, nor in gold, nor in a peaceful society, nor in the stock market.  It was not written so that we would count the days and be tied in knots over time tables and dramatic imagery guaranteed to strike fear into our hearts.  It was written to give us peace, to give us hopeful perserverance that one day - God wins.

Fear does a horrible thing in the human life.  It debilitates, it freezes, it makes us angry and hateful.  Fear steals - it steals our joy and our hope and our peace.   Fear drives us to focus on ourselves rather than on the things of God and His working in the world today.  It even steals our desire to do anything today that would make tomorrow better.  What's the point, anyway?

If we live by the stock market or the economic forecast, our peace will quickly turn to panic and our inability to physically prepare for what may or may not come.

If we look to government for our peace, we become angry and exasperated, not just with our leaders but with each other.

Sunny skies and good weather and good crops can not bring us peace - the weather is a petulant two year old prone to tantrums.

Starving children, rain that does not fall, spouses that are not faithful, earth that shakes, gas prices, food indexes, health care systems, disease....death....

One day, these things will be made right.

This is how we endure, how we hope, how we have peace in our hearts through troubled times.

God Wins.  Good wins.  Evil falls, is trampled, overcome.  We hurt, we mourn through this night, but joy is promised in the morning of the Resurrection, when God will restore what the worm has eaten and the locust has destroyed.

When fearful, know this.  God triumphs!  He makes all things new!  He restores, he redeems, he heals our wounds and our diseases.  Not always now, but sometimes now, and if not now, someday, certainly.  He is only good, and fully good.  He is only just, He is only loving. 

When broken-hearted over what you have seen or lived through, lift up your head .  Redemption is near!

When paralyzed because all seems hopeless, get up and do the next thing.  You can live with joy and purpose, you can take heart and have great hope - even in terribly difficult situations - because there is a God, and in the final analysis of future things (eschatology,) He wins. 


  1. Double amen!

    "Suffering is the price and prelude of glory. But while the suffering is temporary, the glory is eternal, and infinitely greater. That is our hope in the midst of suffering." Phil Johnson

  2. Amen!

    So long as we don't forget to "weep with those who weep" though... (Romans 12:15)

    Not that *you* would, but I've been known to myself on occasion. Forget, that is.

    Beautiful writing of such beautiful Truth, Holly!

  3. Thank you for this. I needed it.

  4. Absolutely true. Our hope and glory; not us, but He Who lives in us will forever be telling us "I win" if we will just be quiet and listen.

    Thank you for this beautiful post.

  5. this is a God breeze to my heart today! thank you!!!

  6. He does! Isn't that awesome? It's the most wonderful thing ever! And when He wins, we do too by extension, we who are His children. :D

    You've blessed me today dear Holly. :) I knew this, of course I think all Christians do, but to hear it brings home the reminder and rushes in the refreshing breeze of joy. Thank you! *hugs*

  7. Thank you! I so needed this reminder at this very moment!

    Mrs. Rebekah S.