Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ten Months

Gabe is 10 months.
Well, actually, make that ten and a half,
but my camera was off visiting
up north in Michigan with big brothers, so...
mama is running behind.

Our children are late-bloomers when it comes to walking. 
I don't think I've ever had a child learn to walk before 13 months;
some have taken as long as 18 months.  Gabe looks
to be trending to be a later walker, but he is still
exploding with capabilities.
He's trying a few words,
pulling up to stand,
and obviously,
he's taken up driving.

He's very serious about the driving.

It's a skill, dude.

He has the funniest expressions.
He's very interactive - he'll do something then wait for your reaction.
He likes to blow raspberries on my neck then wait for me to laugh.
One of my favorite things that he does takes place when I
put him down for a nap.  If he's really not tired (and I've misunderstood his cues...)
he'll let me know - loudly.  He knows he's got rights. 
But if he's truly tired, he'll snuggle right down, wait for me
to pat his little bum (he'll wiggle it until I do...)
then he makes contented baby noises and settles in for a good sleep.
So cute.  So fun.  Moving way too fast.


  1. What an adorable, all-boy boy!! His expressions are priceless.

  2. He is just delicious! My daughter just walked at (ahem) 19 months!!

    Valerie xx

  3. He's getting so big. What a cutie! :)

  4. He makes me feel safer on the road already, he's so serious about it! LOL :)

    Adorable, Holly, he is a gem. :D

  5. My oldest started college today and I wish I had a little cutie like your Gabe to snuggle with. (I do have a Gabe actually, but mine is double digits already :)) Through reading your blog, I know you have made incredible sacrifices to have your little ones but incredible blessing has been returned to you. That sweet smile in the last picture says it all.

  6. Thank you, sweet Violet. (())

    Valerie - that is wonderful. :) All of my late walkers have been just fine in all ways. :)

    Anna - thanks. :)

    Vanessa - he is so serious. Just cracks me up with the ease he displays with that steering wheel. One hand, turning around to back up, etc. So funny, it's just natural.

    Hope - aw...I know about college kids too! That's a big step!!! Thank you so much for your words...

  7. Yes - I think it makes no difference. My girl is very cautious. My husband's cousin was a late walker too and she ended up in Cirque du Soleil as an acrobat. :)

    V xx