Saturday, January 22, 2011

When a large family gets sick... takes a long, long time to get rid of the big, bad bugs.  Taking time out from clean up this morning to post a few pictures from this past week.

It's funny how a picture can help me see the beauty from even a week like this one.  It's good to focus on beauty after all of the.....clean up that is required when a large family gets the flu.  Somehow, this all looks prettier than I remember it.

In reality it's been a brutal week of nasty colds followed by a horrible stomach virus.  We'll always remember the January Flu of 2011.   We actually had to throw away a couch following one particularly bad night.  Good thing we never spend more than $30 on a couch.

You know how it is with educating your kids at home, though, we're better than the USPS.  Almost nothing (snow, flu, hail, colds) keeps us from school, although we did cave and took Friday off due to illness.  Along with sickness, our area has had very cold weather and a good snowfall.  When it gets difficult, we just think ahead to spring when the weather is lovely and illnesses are gone, and we are done with the school year and are playing at parks and planting things.  It motivates us.

We're looking hopefully toward a better week.

How have you been?


  1. awwwww...bless their little hearts <3 We have been playing musical chairs w/ a cold virus trying to keep baby and mama from catching it...harder when the preschool aged ones are sick b/c despite all attempted 'infection control measures' they sneeze/cough/pick as they will... will pray for health for u and yours

  2. I am so sorry you all have been so sick!
    Blah to that!
    But these pictures are precious!!!

  3. I hope next week is better for you all! I'm praying for you guys with the request that The Bug of 2011 leaves your house immediately.

  4. Oh my word Jenni - isn't that the truth? So far, neither I nor the baby have been sick. I am so thankful for that! He's been this happy little person surrounded by puking people. :) I used to isolate those with viruses, confine them to one room...but when so many get sick at the same time it becomes impossible and seems pointless besides. Two bathrooms/one bathtub just aren't enough for eleven people! To top it off, our hot water heater is going out. We bought a new one, but are waiting for the weekend so that Jeff has time to install it.I am having to space showers/baths/laundry/dishes out so that we don't run out of hot water. But you know, I'm thankful to have hot water at all! I have told Jeff that I can't imagine how pioneers used to survive winter stuck in a small cabin, with illnesses, no running water, no washing machine or bathtub. Or what about being on a ship where people got sea sick and had nothing to clean it up with? Pilgrims? What suffering that must have been. So yes, even with lots of discomfort I am still grateful for heat, warm water, SOAP, etc. :)

    I hope you and yours get well quickly. It is no fun to drag out an illness....

    Leanne - thank you. I'm sure you have been there!

    Laura - thank you. That is the perfect prayer for these days. :) Best wishes to you and yours!

  5. Wow! I've never heard of anyone having to throw away their couch! That's pretty bad. I sure hope you are all on the mend!

  6. Brenda, the volume was truly....astounding. I didn't know an eight year old could hold that much. My husband and I stood there, looking down at the couch at 3 a.m. We didn't even know where to begin clean up. It was from one end of the couch to the other! (And on the blankets and the floor....)

    I mean, we're pretty practiced when it comes to this flu thing - but this one shocked us! :)

    Really, I do see the wisdom of buying couches from the thrift store when you have lots of little children. :P How upset would I have been if I had bought that couch for 800? :) We are so blessed to have a great thrift store just a few blocks from our home, and occasionally, they have a great couch for very little money. The couch was ugly anyway. :) No great loss.

  7. oh you poor thing! Trying to deal with all of that on top of an infant - you must be exhausted! I'll be praying for all of you - for wellness and strength to cope with all the sickness in the meantime. *hugs*

  8. Praying for you and all your family!! Wow, what a week!! I'm with Laura...praying that bug is gone!! All I can think is wow!! Thanking the Lord for all the strength He has given you to get through this week!! Again, Wow!!

  9. Oh Holly we have been doing this too. We got the flu before Christmas and another bug after Christmas. We don't usually get so sick but I guess it finally caught up with us. I hope you are getting caught up on everything and getting back to normal.