Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is there a psychatric disorder whereby people shove things down behind couch cushions?

I say "Yes."  Surely it must be so.
There must be some psychiatric disorder linked to shoving items
behind the couch cushions, and I'm pretty sure we have it.
I'm thinking of starting a new photo blog.
I would call it
"Things I Find in My Couch."
I...get...pencils, and legos....but Really?  Pliers?

The new blog would not include photos of socks or washcloths found while cleaning the couch.
(Nine kids?  I knew the lost socks were going somewhere.  But why were the BABY'S socks crammed down in the couch?  My, but he's starting young.)

Nor trash.
(Duh.  That goes in the trash can.)
(Oh, THAT'S where the whale's tail from the pop-up book got to....)

Might find some interesting things if other parent's played and posted pictures of things they found in their couches.  Today's best find at our house was the ipod shuffle.  It is worth noting that we did NOT find the remote control, which is what we were looking for in the first place.


  1. Hey - you found my pliers! I was looking for those.

  2. LOL! Our couch eats whatever we leave on it. All kinds of odd things are found when we tip it over to look. The remote is usually the reason we start the search in the first place.

  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that finds stuff like this in my couch.

  4. I was so excited that you found my iPod! Finally. :)

  5. Oh, look! My kids are commenting! Ha Ha! :)

    Revka, Christa, glad to see we're not alone. :)

  6. I used to find chewable vitamins that one or more of my girls would hide since they didn't like them!


  7. Too funny. My baby brother and I were tearing apart an old couch (hand me down hand me down of a hand me down that my brother-in-law left behind when he married) and found what loks to be a 20 year old remote in the nether regions of the couch.

  8. Rhonda - that is funny. :) And Heather? Wow. I can see that happening to us! We'll be the ones searching for twenty years for that thing. (Along with the nail clippers, the black marker pens, the tape, the tweezers and the scissors.) :)

  9. OH we have that disorder here!!!!!! You would not believe the things I have pulled out. It's like a treasure hunt.

  10. Too funny Holly! It's like Couch Christmas. :)

    I once heard a funny story about remotes. A clerk at a bookstore once noted that when a woman was going through her purse to find her wallet to pay for her books, she pulled out a remote. She saw the clerk looking at it and quipped, "I'm just trying to teach my husband a lesson. He didn't want to go shopping with me."

    I hope you find your remote soon. :)

  11. Ah the illusive remote. Do we control it or does it control us??;)

  12. This is just hilarious--the post was the cake, and the comments were the icing. :)

  13. Yeah, couches do that. Shoes. Shoes! I still don't know how your shoe falls off your foot and into the couch and you never notice it.