Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We shine, again!

Just a quick note to say that the Johnson Clan has emerged, victorious,  from the Violent Flu of 2011.

My husband suggested that I get t-shirts made which say, "I survived the Great Flu of '11."  It certainly is a time that will go down in infamy, one that we'll never forget and one we hope to never repeat but likely will.  I mean, you get t-shirts for VBS, why not the flu that took ten days of your life? Ten days down, ten days we'll never get back, ten days of being thrown off schedule.  (And we had just returned to schedule following the holidays.  We were doing so good!!!)  That's how it goes, isn't it?

Jeff was the sole survivor, as usual.  He seems to escape the average illnesses, but waits for the big, big guns like staph infections in bone joints.  Escaping the illness might not be the bonus it seems, as he gets double, triple, quadruple duty on laundry, clean-up, and broth-making with extra garlic and onions.   He is a good, good, servant-hearted man.

We are fine now though, and the Great Clean-Up has now taken place.

If you are local, and planning to come to the Lego Club today (not held at our house, but at a church) please know that even the legos are in the process of being dis-infected.  :)


  1. Glad you are better and
    I agree witht the T-shirt idea!!
    Very creative!!
    Karen in IN

  2. YAY!! That is wonderful news! Woo for no more sickness! :D

  3. Whew. It just hurts to think about it--I am so glad you are all emerging into the light at the end of that long, 10 day tunnel! ~Tina

  4. Sign us up for the T-shirt. We are usually quite well, but not this year. We caught it before Christmas and right after Christmas and a few of us caught it again 2 weeks later.

  5. Thank you -I know that EVERYONE has had something or other this winter. BIG BAD ILLNESSES! Yuck! I hope that you all are doing better now?

    Robin - I am so sorry. :( Poor you!