Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Happy New Year's, everyone!

For those of you reading in various feeds, I did post yesterday.  I soon pulled the post, I just didn't like how it came together.  Most of the info in that post will reappear later this week.  (If I get my act together.)

Do you make resolutions?

I don't, even though I think it is a great idea.  I like to set broad goals which I actually have some chance of hitting.

I have no ambitious goals this year.  Just to survive, maybe.  :) 

I think that my everyday goals will find me.  Many of them are the same as they've been for many years: Keep on, keepin' on.  Laundry.  Staying on top of the kid's schooling.  Healthy meals.  Exercising to stay healthy in order to have more energy and to be a better wife and mom.  More efficient home management.   Teach a teen to drive.  (There's that 'survive' thing, again!)  Grow a healthy family, in so many different ways.

Philosophically, I hope to love better - to communicate that love more effectively, to know and love my children as individuals, to reassure them at the deepest levels that they are loved and wanted and always will be.  I want my friends to know that they are loved.    I hope to understand faith more, to study and to learn; but at the same time to retain a simple trust in a God who cares and who willingly involves Himself in our lives.

Read.  Think.  Learn.  Love.  Create.  Live.  These simple words sum up my goals.  They are how I want to spend my time.  Most days, I wish that I had twice or thrice the time I've been allotted.  There's SO MUCH living to do, so much LIFE to cram into such a small space.  Oh, yes.  I mustn't forget sleep.  Sleep is very important.  :)

Anyone want to share your goals for this year?   Please feel free - I'd love to hear!


  1. I like goals better than resolutions too. Have a wonderful 2011!


  2. I've never been big on resolutions either - I like the goals thing, and yours work quite nicely for me too. :D

    This year is healthier I think, for my husband and me. Now we'll have insurance starting this month, woo!, and knowing we're older but with little ones is encouragement enough to take better care of ourselves. They're going to need us to be around for them until they're ready to fly. Bring on the salad!

    Hope you had a great New Years!

  3. I like your goals - they sound pretty much like mine. Isn't it thrilling to feel Him working in your life? God bless and Happy New Year! : )

  4. Hi Annette - Yes, He is moving. :) God bless you too!

    Vanessa - I'm so glad you have insurance! That's a big deal, really! So is taking care of yourself. Your babies need you around for a long time!

    Cindy - thank you so much!

    *apologies for my delays, once again. Sheesh. Thanks for your patience.