Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks to my kids for making me look good....

Jacob and I set out today to try and update my blog template.  This place has not had an update in over a year - it's just not been a priority.

Our household is suffering from a nasty flu following colds, plus a winter storm is on its way, so it seemed like a good thing to work on in between baths, tylenol, and loads of laundry.

(Quick hat tip to good ol' Murphy's Law:  What a greaaaaat time for the water heater to die!)

Jake is a busy college student now.  While he lives at home, he also works part-time and has something called a life, which I am working hard to release him, joyfully, to live.  He's trying to make decisions for his next level of schooling.

In the midst of working on my existing template, I realized that I needed to be weaning myself from him technologically, rather than binding myself more tightly and dependently to him.  I set my boy free by my own volition; he was perfectly willing to keep supporting his doddering old mother's hobby.

Thus, I've reverted to a common, pre-made template.  It's simple, but I like it just fine.  It's something I've needed to do.  I've got to stand on my own two feet where technology is concerned, and this is the first step.

Tomorrow, if there's time, I'm going to try to turn on the television all by myself.  Maybe, now that we've found the remote,  I'll even try to find a station using the little box thingy, or *gasp* turn on the VCR.  (Yes, we still have one, with a tv guardian to boot.)

Thanks, Jake, for your help with my blog over the years.  I know you're not going anywhere yet, but I'm preparing myself for the day that you do.  I'm glad Emily is only 15 - she'll be around to beautify my blog with her lovely pictures for years to come.  Maybe by then, I will have conquered the camera too.


  1. Go Holly!!! You can turn that TV on!!! :)

  2. You are so funny! I can't seem to figure out how to turn my tv off. The cable guy said he reprogrammed it to make it easier to turn off with just a click, but somehow I'm still pressing 8 buttons to get it to go to sleep.

    I find myself thinking of you so many times throughout the day and send up tiny little prayers in small non-distracted moments, hoping they have thousands of times more impact once in God's ear, for you and your family.

    I will also pray for your technological talents to grow as you let go (sniff sniff) of your son in these baby-step kind of ways.

  3. Ha Ha....thanks ladies. :)

    I actually "don't" know how to turn on the tv to get a station. I can usually run the VCR, DVD....but not always. Jake has it set up with the TV Guardian, and you've got to know the code, blah, blah blah. Josiah, the 8 year old, had to turn the tv on for me today so the sickos could actually watch Sat. morning cartoons. The kids have watched waaaaaay too much tv (just movies and then cartoons this a.m.) but you know, when a week long illness hits - I do not care. :) You've got to get thru somehow.