Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Yoda Sweater

We finished it!  Oh yes, we did.

I say "we," because...well, "he" was in on the entire process.

This is the 0-6 mos. size.  Gabe is already up to 13 lbs, so "we'll" begin making the 6-12 mos. as soon as we find the right yarn.  The pattern is found here.  I-cord is optional, can be replaced with buttons if desired.


  1. Good Golly, Miss Holly! Is that the cutest face in the universe? And could that be a wink?
    ...and the sweater Is. A. Work. Of. Art!
    Love the blue and cream.
    And Gabe is always ready for his close-up. :)

  2. That sweater is beautiful! And your baby is super cute too. :)

  3. Just beautiful!

    (and the sweater is lovely as well ;)

  4. Oh my! What a gorgeous little man!

    I love the little wink he's giving mama too, that's so sweet. :)