Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No longer a newborn

 More than ever, I enjoy this boy.  It just feels right to
have a baby around the house.

Babies are remarkably easy, compared to other ages.  No drama, no correction, failure to do their chores nor schoolwork.

Babies are just meant to be enjoyed.

And this little enjoyable boy is changing every day.
He's no longer a newborn, which is a stage and a change 
that is difficult to describe but you know when it happens.
One day, they wake up.  You look at them, and you just know:  "He's not a newborn anymore."

Reaching, batting, drooling, smiling, chuckling, stretching and responding, becoming more predictable about his day.  We just slow down, sit back and observe.  We watch time fly through the face of this boy, and enjoy.

*added:  Oh, and yes...we make him things.  :)  Here's a little hat I crocheted.  Took just about an hour from start to finish.  My first without a pattern!


  1. He is adorable, Holly. Love all those photos, but especially that last one. What joy!

    I want to learn to knit. All mimis should know how to knit, don't you think?

  2. Not to be legalistic, Patricia...but yes, I think so! :) Ha Ha. It's fun!

    Hello Cindy! :)

  3. He's so pretty and so handsome! I love his smile! He seems like such a happy little guy, a real joy to have around.

    I have to say, you make me kind of wish I could have just one more. :)

  4. Jus' doin' my job, Vanessa. :)