Friday, December 10, 2010

BLT's for Christmas?

It's hard for me to believe that it is December and we still have tomatoes ripening.  This year, right before the first hard frost, I had my little boys pick all of the green tomatoes still on the plants.  We wrapped them in newspaper, and put them in a box on our cold backporch.  My mom stores hers on a table in her basement.  Every few weeks we check the box, and bring out any that are almost red.  We put them on the windowsill to continue ripening.   It was a good tomato year.  We've had fresh tomatoes from our garden for almost six months.  This might not impress those of you who live in the South, but here in Indiana, it's a neat thing.  Even if I don't plant a real (full) garden next year, I'm sure I'll keep at least a few tomato plants.  They're so easy.  Maybe we'll have BLT's for Christmas!  :)


  1. Sorry for the glare. I'm not going to retake and reload the picture. LAZY! :)

  2. Those look awesome, I'm so jealous!

    I'll take one of those BLT's by the way! :D

  3. BLTs sound like a wonderful Christmas meal! I love anything in the non-traditional vein. :) And the pictures of you and Gabriel are so full of warmth!