Friday, December 17, 2010

Last minute gifts: Clothespin bag

Here's a little Christmas gift that I made.  It's a clothespin bag that takes a half a yard of fabric (two kinds) and a little bias tape.   I made one for my mom and for my sister.  I know they both like to hang their clothes out.  (The girl in the background does not go with the package....)
I have had the pattern hanging out in my bookmarks for almost a year.  It's here, if anyone is interested.  It is a quick item to make.  I'd say that the average seamstress could make it in under an hour.  For me, with a newborn and 8 other children?  Well, it took me all afternoon to make two, but I'm still really pleased with how they turned out.  I think mom and my sis will enjoy a little brightness and something new when they hang out their laundry.

As always, the pictures I take indoors in the evening lack a little clarity.  As usual they will have to do.  :)

I made only two changes to the instructions:  1) I double seamed both the lining and the outer fabric.  The weight of the clothespins would eventually pull at the seams, and 2) I cut a 1 inch piece of bias tape, flattened it out, tucked the ends in, and sewed it at the top where the hanger neck emerges from the fabric.  Same reason - the constant tugging would quickly tear the seam without it.  I spent twenty minutes de-icing my van this morning so I could venture to the store, where I bought a couple of new packs of wooden clothespins for each bag, and now I'm off to wrap up these two little presents.


  1. How nice, Holly ~ perfect for those that hang their clothes out!!

    I need to plan better and get in some good, handmade gifts for Xmas....*sigh*....maybe next year! ;)

    Kudos, chica~

  2. I think that you should make one of these for your good friend that lives on Tile Factory Rd. I see her hanging her clothes out on her line all the time :-)

  3. Linda Lou, what a GREAT IDEA!!!! I'll make you one by summer, deal? :)

    Those brownies you brought to my house were INCREDIBLE, even though I only got a teensy weensy little bite of them....

    I looked at the plate one minute, turned my head to do something, and looked back, and the brownies were ALL GONE! I couldn't believe it - the kids had snatched them ALL! I pulled the trump card - the one I have never pulled before: I used the guilt of childbirth on them. I said, "I can't believe it! I am your MOTHER! I carried you for nine months. I birthed you, in GREAT PAIN. I fed you and carried you for many months afterwards. AND YOU DON'T LEAVE ME EVEN ONE BROWNIE???"

    They all kinda stared at each other. No one wanted to give up their brownie. :) Then, Josiah, and Julia, and Emily - they all broke off a little corner for me.

    Yep. They were THAT good. :)

    Bring more.

    Lori - well, it took me a YEAR to get the stuff together and actually make something! :) You are still a busy pastor's wife. I am not! :)