Friday, November 26, 2010

Good things and special days

November has been full of so many good things and special days.  Three birthdays and a major holiday.  Here are some pictures.

(Note:  We are not professionals.  (Yet.)  Most of our winter pictures are indoors.  Most of these pictures are taken in the same four rooms with the same. yellow. lighting. that. drives. us. crazy. when. we. take. pictures.)

Early in the month I celebrated my 42nd birthday.  This is my last time to ever tell you my age.  Here, you are treated to a glimpse of my "chocolate on chocolate on chocolate" birthday brownie, made by the man who knows me best in this world.  Marry a man like this, girls.

(Bonus glimpse:  the crowded walls and bookshelves of a homeschooling family of 11.  Bookshelves and school supplies and original kidprints and punctuation charts EVERYWHERE!  If crowded conditions drive you crazy, don't come here.)

 Here's a random baby picture.  Gabe is 7 weeks old.  Fifty days, to be exact.  Growing way too fast.  (Try to ignore my house-robe in the background.  Focus on the monkeys.)

Mariam turned three.

An expressive three.

A really expressive three.
(Doesn't it look like Ty Pennington just yelled "Move that bus?")
Moved to tears by candles.  Imagine what she's do with a room redo.

Three.  So easy to please.

We gave her a Rosy doll.  It was a huge hit!

I wanted a soft, simple (not hard, plastic) baby that she could cuddle and sleep with.  This dolly really is great in that respect.  This mama recommends it for the three and under crowd.  They have a boy baby, too, and darker skin and hair colors.

Then, a truly huge day arrived.  Emily got her braces off!
Above is before, below is after.

Two years.  Wow.
Em's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year.
She's wisened up, and realized that if 
she chooses to celebrate it at a later date, 
she gets TWO special days with foods that she loves.
We'll celebrate her birthday next week.  She's fifteen now. 
That's hard to believe.  It seems like SHE should be turning three.  Sigh.

My parents came to our house for Thanksgiving.  The weather was horrid with torrential rains and wind, but we really had a lovely time inside.  Here's Miss Mariam talking with Grandpa - who is thrilled to be able to drive again after two months of being a "shut-in."

I tried a few new things this year, and learned that I'm still capable of learning new tricks.  I followed the instructions of my friend Connie, and brined our turkey.  It was very tasty.  I liked the quick baking time.  I also finally conquered pie crust,  thanks to Suzanne McMinn at Chickens in the Road.  I have feared pie crust my entire life.  I sense that my life has now changed, and I will be responsible for bringing pies to every family gathering.  (Wait a minute...what have I done?  Do I want to be responsible for pies for the rest of my life?  Should I rethink this?)

And finally, in other news,  have you met the twins?


  1. Whose twins? I don't remember anything about twins.


  2. Look again, Shelley. :) It's a doll.

    Emily has had this doll for YEARS, it's name is Baby Emily - it's an Ashford Drake doll, I think. (Or something like that.) It's the size of a two month old baby, and it is weighted and feels and looks SO MUCH like a real baby. It even smells like a real baby, still, after all of these years. It usually smells better than Gabe. :)

    But anyway, last night I realized I had two sleep sacks that are exactly alike. Decided to have a little fun...


    Yeah, so, I don't get out much. :)

  3. I had to look close, but guessed it was a doll. I like your humor!

    Looks like you had a fun eventful month. Emily looks great!


  4. Oh, Holly! I loved this blawg update! Your family is so adorable, I don't know how you stand all that cuteness in one place. Emily is beautiful without her braces, but then I think she was beautiful with her braces, too. So glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Much love, Patricia

  5. I know I don't comment often, but I realized I have been now following your blog for a little over 3 years! It was a little before Miriam was born. How time flies.
    As for your age - my mom is turning 50 this year, and keeps telling everyone it's "49+1" :)

  6. Holly, you look fabulous; positively glowing! Happy Birthday Mama, what a lovely family you have. :)

  7. oh, ps, this is Pam. I already freaked one sister out with my name change, so thought I'd better make sure. ;)

  8. Oh that was freaky. !!! With a capital F!! :)

    The pics are great. Emily looks beautiful. Mariam is great being so excited about the candle! Happy birthday to all!

  9. Holly - What a happy update! Gabe is growing so fast!
    Mariam is so lovely. I have to tell you, I know it's ridiculous and they are only three for cryin out loud!, but I have a secret little wish that she and Christian will grow up and get married. She just seems to be so sweet and full of spirit...and I have a feeling he will require someone with some spunk:)
    I'm so glad you had a good's to a wonderful Christmas!

  10. I love looking at all your pics!

    The robe comment cracked me up! I'm going to start using your line, "Focus on the monkeys" when my hair is haywire, there is spit up on my shirt, and I can feel people giving me strange looks.

    "Focus on the monkeys, folks. Just focus on the monkeys."

  11. Connie, I know! If I could just keep everyone focused on the monkeys! :) Ha Ha!

    Shannon - inlaws? *shrieks with delight.* Wouldn't that be awesome? :)

  12. Knowing you love chocolate that much makes me admire you even more...

    Love all the pictures of your family! You all look great- monkeys and all.