Monday, May 31, 2010

Things are going well!

Hello everyone,

I want to take a minute here and give you a quick update and also just to say "thank you," again. 

Thank you, because...we have been very blessed by your love, your prayers, and the financial help that some of you have given.  My friend Connie, at Smockity Frocks, actually did a "fund-raiser" to help us during these months that Jeff is out of work.  (Connie did that in the remaining weeks before her 8th baby arrived.  She's super-woman, I tell you!)  Our local homeschooling community, church, family, and friends from prior communities have helped us in so many ways, too.  Our pantry and freezer are full.  We look forward to the day (soon) when we are back on our feet and we are standing ready to help others who are in need of supplies, or comfort, or financial help.

We didn't expect any of this - didn't feel that we deserved it when there are so many people who are going thru trials and who need help.  We think that we are in the midst of not only healing, (physical and emotional) but of being reminded of some very important things.  Things like loving others and giving and thinking creatively how to give.  Things like what a gift it is to be an encouragement to others and how important it is to pray for people who are going thru trials.  We never do know how God might move - or even how our prayers might be needed.  Prayer isn't always only for physical healing - sometimes prayer carries and strengthens those who feel weak or who are hurting so badly they don't even know how they should pray.  Pray, always.  :)

So, once more, please accept our thanks, our love, and our appreciation for you and the many different ways you have supported us.  We would be a real mess without you.

Things really are going well for Jeff.  We are almost four weeks out from the onset of his illness.  His strength is being regained.  He is not to full capacity yet, he has a ways to go for that to happen, but he is doing well.  His mobility is good, too - he's able to climb a few steps and get in and out of the car/van.  (Let me tell ya, that's a good thing.  :)  He was getting tired of being chauffeured around.)

We have an appointment to see the infectious disease doctor this week.  His blood has to be drawn every week, so we should hear a report on that.  (We think things are fine in that area.)  No - he's not a risk to anyone else.  :)  If there is any of the staph bacteria left in his bloodstream or in his hip joint, it is contained.  The doctors are pretty confident that his bloodstream is clear - the hip joint is the remaining question at this point. 

Jeff has been able to go to church, and a couple of other places.  He's extremely happy to no longer be house bound.  If a second surgery were not necessary, he could probably return to work within a few weeks when the PICC line comes out. The cement beads (which emit a powerful dose of antibiotics) have to come out on July 9th, though, and there is a short hospitalization and a two week recovery time following that surgery.  If all continues to go well, it is looking like he will be back to work in the late part of July.

Hope you all are doing well, please feel free to drop me an e-mail or a note if there is any way that we can help you or pray for you.

In God's love,



  1. I'm praising God with you, Holly!

  2. Woo! I'm so glad to hear that things are continuing to improve! *hugs* :D

  3. Holly,
    We continue to pray and to think of you. There are times when God feels so far away we think that is the nature of things. Until we see how he orders the affairs of people on a daily minute by minute basis for the good of those who love him. It is then we realize that he has always been only a breath away. As awful as this event has been perhaps this has been a way for him to demonstate his extreme love for you even when it seems the worst has happened.