Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mutter about clutter

I walked onto my backporch today,
feeling frustrated and overwhelmed,

...stuff everywhere:
shoes that should have been put away,
a guitar case, jars to go back to the cellar,
boxes to be thrown away and oh, you know...

"Mutter, mutter, mutter."
"These kids...WHY can't they clean up their messes?"
"WHY can't they even SEE their messes?"
"We've worked on this type of thing for YEARS!"

Now, I know that many people do not believe that
God talks to people today,
but I have not found it so in my life.
His Spirit speaks to mine, and mid-mutter these words
were impressed upon my soul:

"Why do you obsess over this?
Why do you care what other people think, so much?
I don't care about this.  This clutter bothers you,
but it doesn't bother ME at all."

Hmmm.  Caught up short, again.
Confusing peripheral things with important things, again.
Yes, a lack of clutter and a clean house make 
our lives run more smoothly...
but it's not more important than
the people that live inside.

When will I learn?
A little bit more today, I hope.


  1. As always, pix are by Em. :)

  2. This could have been written by me today, Holly ~ thanks!! (although, I'm sure I wouldn't have said it quite so nicely ;)

    Y'all are still in our prayers ~ hope Jeff if feeling steadily better & better~

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I really is too easy to get caught up in the "shoulds".

  4. Thank you for sharing this holly!! This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  5. Lately, when I start grumbling, God has reminded me that I need to turn it around and turn it into thankfulness. Like when I pick up a pair of dirty socks that my hubby has left at the top of the basement stairs(?!?!?!?!) in the corner of the kitchen... I stop grumbling and thank God that I have a husband that works so hard to support us so I can stay at home and teach, etc. I have even thought of journaling at night about it. Maybe starting each night to write a turn around that God has brought to mind. I tend to grumble too much, can you tell? LOL!

  6. God really is such a people person, isn't He? ;)

  7. Great post, timely reminder...
    Today as I looked around my home and saw the same 101 things I have to do... and realised that can wait... much more fun to snuggle on the couch and read 'brown bear, brown bear' for the third time today to my beautiful toddler...

  8. Girls, as long as I have several young children, I will never conquer the sand, mud, bugs, laundry, dishes or clutter. Even if we all work all of the time. It's just not going to happen. And I really think that is what God was impressing upon me. It's not that important. In the grand scheme of life, it's not that big of a deal.

    (Yes, I will still keep trying to teach my children how to be tidy, and yes, they ALL have to help (a lot) around the house. They work hard. But still...a clean house is not going to happen (for long) nor last (for long) around here.) We cook and clean for 10 people and help care for elderly parents. It just ain't gonna happen.

  9. Oh Holly! I so appreciate your honesty and authenticity! I struggle with this so often! Thanks for sharing what the Lord said to you. I think He's saying it to me, too.

  10. I think I LOVE you, Holly!!!! Yep!! I do!!!
    Happy Anniversary!