Monday, May 24, 2010

One down, eight to go.

Yes, I have already posted, but I didn't want to neglect posting our oldest son's graduation pictures.  He graduated this past Saturday with 9 other homeschooled students from our area.  It was a really neat experience.  On the one hand, it was hard to believe that my  (once) little boy has already made it through 13 years of school; on the other hand, it is sobering that I still have 8 more students to go.  No room to rest on laurels, yet.  :)

 Jake has been an easy student from the get-go.  He's the type that you would have to lock in a dark closet to keep him from learning - and even then he would probably devise more creative strategies to complex problems than he would have in light and freedom.  A "true lemons into lemonade", "there's no obstacle, it's just a stepping stone or an opportunity for growth" type of fellow.  He's the sort of student who could confuse you into thinking that the home-educating journey would be a piece of cake and that you should jump in with both feet.  (Grin.  They're not all like that, let me assure you....)  Jake's just...been a joy.  He loves God and seeks to serve Him.  That means the most of all. 

It was a real and true honor to be the one to hand the diploma to Jacob.  (Jeff was unable to come to the ceremony - too far of a drive and too long to sit upright...)  We've been on this journey since the day he was born - and it's exciting to see Jake enter a new stage of life.  He's ready.

 He's applied for a full-time position at the library he already works at part-time, and he will be taking five classes this fall at one of our local colleges.  A couple of the classes will be on-line, and one at night.  He has a basket full of potential colleges and the test scores and grades to back it all up - but he has chosen the "no debt" plan to get his degree (computer programming) - and that plan begins by living at home for the next year and attending school nearby.  The choice was his to make, but it sounds like a good plan to me.  I'd love to see him earn his bachelor's (or beyond) without carrying a large amount of debt.  Personally, I think it is good for a young person to work their way through college - we appreciate what we have had to work hard to accomplish.  Besides.  I'm not in any rush to send him far away.  I need his tech support too much.

We're proud of you, Jake.


  1. And please, someone, come and cut my hair. I need a trim. :)

  2. Woo! *applause* Way to go Jake! *fistpump*

    And Holly, you look lovely as always. :D You really are glowing!

  3. Hey, you two look alike!

    Congratulations, Jake =)

    We are looking forward to graduating our oldest this weekend.

  4. Congratulations on this graduation and on the wise choices he is making for his future! My girls(also home grads) are also choosing the local debt-free route and we are blessed to have some excellent colleges/program choices so nearby. And we too are thrilled to have their adult company and yes- tech support ;)
    Susan T

  5. Congrats, Annette! Very neat! :)

    Susan - where we are at (geographically) this doesn't seem to be the choice that many kids make. It seems a good fit, though, for us - and I'm thankful he'll still be around. :)

    Vanessa - you are so very supportive. Thank you! :)

  6. Holly - you look like a graduate yourself!

  7. Congratulations, Jake! I have to say, Holly, I've always seen the likeness to Jeff, but when I saw this photo of you and Jake side-by-side, I see how much he looks like you, too! And way to go, on going the debt-free route! I'm sure God will honor his sacrifice and hard work.



  9. I remember when you started this journey. Wow! How exciting. We are looking forward to highschool now. Hopefullly we can find creative ways to keep our kids from the "student loan".