Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Granary

As sad as it makes us, we have decided that this old granary must come down.
We assume that since the house is from the early 1900s, the outbuildings must be from the same era.
At first there was some equivocation as to whether it truly was a granary, but following conversations with other country people and a little bit of research, it does indeed seem to have been the place on the farm for drying and storing grain.

At first we had hoped to save it.  We dreamed a bit about making a type of bunkhouse out of it, or a music studio for the kids.  There actually is a lot of good/sturdy wood left standing, but as always, choices must be made of where to spend time and money.  The fall and winter winds have been brutal, and have whipped even more boards and tin loose.  We just can't do it - it is too far gone.  Soon we will begin taking it apart, and hopefully using the wood to repair gaps and broken places in our second, larger barn.  

I like to think about the early days at this farm, and about the people who built the home and outbuildings.  I would assume that the wood came from trees surrounding the property, seeing that there was no Home Depot that long ago, and lumber would have needed to come from nearby.  Maybe the farmer felled them and planed them himself.  The timbers used for the granary and the barn are impressive - 10 x 10 beams (at least) held together by wood pegs.   The floor plankings are solid, 10 or 12" by 1 or 2", depending on the place and the need.  What they say is true, "they just don't make barns like this any longer."

 From the loft of the granary, looking west at sundown.

 An old door in the loft of the granary.
*photos by Emily.


  1. I love the light in these photos. Feels almost like Dorothy's home.

  2. That's kind of sad about having to take it down. It does seem like it would be such a fun place for kids to play.

    My husband, who used to be able to do a lot of woodworking, would drool at the chance to work with wood like that, though!

    The pictures are absolutely stunning. That 2nd one, with the 2 bottles, really evokes something in me. A wistfulness I can't quite describe. Amazing shots, all!