Friday, February 1, 2013

File this one under lessons from our children

 Dear Daddies and Mamas,

Let us never assume that we have the corner on teaching, that our children are given to us specifically so that they may learn from our vast stores of knowledge.
 I like to think I've journeyed far in my Christian faith.
Sometimes I even toy with the idea that I've got wisdom, that if these kids would just pay attention, they will learn so much from me.

I am humbled tonight, yes....again, this far in to parenting....
by a ten-year-old boy too sweet to have come from under my hardened and complaining heart.

From his feverish sickbed on the couch, my Josiah talks with me as I work thru my own stomach pain and pick up stray kleenex and kicked-off socks.

"You know, I'm thankful, Mom.  I really am....for lots of things."  And he makes a list:  the couch he is laying on, a mama to take care of him, movies to watch, medicine and cold water.

I think I stop and stare, a little discombobulated from the daze and the last few days with hardly any sleep.  I am definitely not thankful.  In fact, I've already run so far from thankful that I'm contemplating the goodness of God over a simple flu.  (Sleep-deprivation is not something I handle well.) 

He softens me, this boy who was a gift himself; in his own weakness he reflects his Father's glory with a pure and simple act of thanksgiving.
I may be the mama, but I have far to go and much, still, to learn.  He didn't get this gratitude from me - it came from his own heart which is turned in love toward God.

*these photos are recycled from several years ago.  I don't think any of us are up to taking/uploading pictures right now.  Ah well, you've seen one bad flu, you've seen them all.  Things look much prettier in photographs.


  1. So sorry to hear the flu has struck! We had a turn between Christmas and New Year's and it was just awful. Praying that you are well soon. Thank you for pointing to our Heavenly Father, Josiah!

    Jenn in NH

  2. The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. <3 I hope that you all feel much better, very soon. The flu really stinks. I'm trying to learn about making some tinctures and teas at home, to help knock out flu if it comes knocking here again. It's just soooo nasty. ((hugs))

  3. Sorry you're feeling pukey.

    Sweet kid, that Josiah.

  4. What a sweet boy and what a heart for God he has! :)

    Sorry you all have been so sick lately. :(


    Wish I was there to help take care of you guys.