Friday, January 25, 2013

A little coat goes a long way

I had a conversation with a woman the other day, and she expressed horror that I had so many children.  She was very alarmed that my children would use up so many of the world's resources, and would grow up to be rampant, materialistic consumers.

(I am not offended, she doesn't know us.  I welcomed a chance to express a different view.)

Her view is one (sad and negative) way to see the world.  Another way  is to raise your children to give more than they take, to produce more than they use, to be healers and creators and problem solvers who bring the hope that comes from a loving and caring God to the world.

Anyway, I had to smile because a few minutes after having the conversation I helped get my youngest boy dressed up in warm clothes so he could play outside.  The little coat I zipped up?  It was originally a hand-me-down from an older nephew (who is now a 25 year old former Marine,) and now all six of my sons have worn it through the years.

That's one thing I love about having a large family - everything gets completely and thoroughly used up.  I have zero consumeristic guilt. There's very little waste, and when there are things in excess, we love to find someone else who can benefit from what we don't need.


  1. You still have a thicker skin than I do.

    The kids are still so cute.

  2. I love it!! Use less...use it up...or give it away. :)

    So glad you're now enjoying raising your non-consumerist, charitable, caring, energetic, creative family in the country!

  3. I think it was big families that probably invented "recycling," lol. With that many kids, it's just too expensive NOT to! What a silly woman that was.