Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One year pictures...and, just conversation

Thanks for all of your suggestions,
both on-line and in-life.
I'm so glad you took the time
to stop by or to write me a note.
I'll take them to heart
and see what works.
I will say that I'm not very good at "how-to" posts
regarding parenting, usually,
because each family is different
and each child is unique.
I think it is up to the parent to
learn who their child is as an individual,
and parent accordingly.
That's actually one our jobs, to know our children
and then to guide them according to how God created them!
There are also a million parenting how-to blogs available. 
I can point you to several if you wish.  :)
But I am happy to open my heart and doors
and windows and share with you things that have worked
(or not worked....) with my children and our family.

We've been busy around here
with company over the weekend.
I'm a lousy hostess, actually -
always have been.
I enjoy company but stress waaay too much
before they come.  It was a great weekend 
filled with good conversation.  We don't get to see Jeff's side 
of the family very much, so we were thrilled to
spend time with his brother Donnie and his wife, Shelley.
Their children are grown, but they were gracious to put up with our clan.  :)
I get kind of giddy when I have real, actual grown-ups
who are captive in my house. 
I may or may not talk too much.  :)
My Dad is getting ready to have another surgery, too,
so there is some preparation for that.

(Had to include this one.  :)  Love the expression on his face.  
He was sooo done.  Can't believe my little man is one year old.

Gabe still has eyes that are two different colors.
I wonder if they'll stay that way?  I'll have to let you know...
He's a pretty big boy, around 23 pounds.  That's bigger 
than most of my children at this age.
He's into EVERYTHING, I'm thinking he's going to be a climber, too.
Life is about to get hard FUN!  :)

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  1. It's so hard to believe he's a year old already!

    These are such precious pics, Holly. He's an adorable little bundle of blessing. :) Happy Birthday to him!