Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rosie's bath

Rosie, the beloved, was in need of a bath.  Mariam took great delight in helping me undress Rosie, then tucking her into a load of delicate wash.  A little spinning day spa, if you will. 

Next, Rosie sunbathed au naturel inside our privacy fence.  (No gawkers.  We protected her dignity.)  When she returned home she was fresh and clean, ready to put on her diaper and jammies.  We think Rosie enjoyed her time away, but she seemed really happy to be reunited with her girl.  Mariam missed her, and kept checking on her as she dried.  When it began to rain, Mari reminded me that I had to go get Rosie so that she wouldn't get wet.

We heartily recommend Rosie (or her little brother or even her big sister - in several different skin tones and hair colors) for pre-school children.  Rosie has taken several baths since she came to live with Mariam on her 3rd birthday.  She holds up so well and is soft and still looks as good as new.  Mariam is...ahem....HARD on toys.  I visited a local doll store and hospital a few weeks ago, and didn't see any other Rosie dolls.  I made a recommendation to the store owner, and she was so pleased  that she will now stock dolls similar to Rosie.

I love these sweet rites of "little girlhood."  I remember being small myself and playing for hours with my dollies.  I gave them baths and washed their clothes, hanging the garments to dry on bushes or on mama's clothesline.  

  It was so sweet to enjoy these times twice before when Emily and Julia were small.  It's a special joy to experience them again, and to record the moments with my current little girl.
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  1. Absolutely adorable. Can't say no to a dolly who can be machine washed.

  2. *Loved* this. But it makes me a little sad not having a Mariam of my own!

  3. She's so cute!

    And Rosie is too. :) I'd actually like one - for me though. :) My pretty princess doesn't seem drawn to dolls too much.

    A doll that can be thrown in the bath, now that's my kind of toy!