Friday, May 13, 2011

Seven Months

Gabriel Joseph is seven months old.
He's almost 19 pounds, wears 12 month clothes.
He has two little pearlies on bottom, with two more 
about to make an appearance on top.
Gabe hates baby food, but loves to eat tiny bits of "real people" food.
(He loves things like home-made muffins, bananas, carrots, etc.)
He's a talker, with a very husky "little boy" voice.
He calls me in the night, saying...."buh,buh,buh,buh...MAMA!"
He doesn't cry much at all, still naps two long naps and maybe 
one shorter nap a day.
Gabe drives his walker everywhere.
(Yes, I know they're not approved, but if there are no 
steps to fall down I see no harm.)  He's very purposeful
and makes it go where he wants it to go.
He has the most adorable chunky feet and he is slowly achieving hair on his head.

He rolls all over the place - nothing is safe.  No crawling yet, but soon, I think.
He goes everywhere with me.  He's been to every single doctor's appointment 
his grandparents and siblings have had.  I feel he'll be a really medically astute kid.
Gabe had his own check up a few days ago.  
I mentioned in his five month update that the doctor 
brought up the possibility that his head shape was
indicative of muscular dystrophy.  At this visit (seven months,)
the doctor said that her gut feeling was that he is fine,
but that we wouldn't know until around the 15-18 to 24 month mark.
In other words, his great development at this point doesn't mean much.  
The marker would be a decrease of ability around two years of age.
Yes, of course this is disconcerting, but...there's not much to be done besides waiting, and,
as my mother reminded me, pray.
I really do think he is okay and will be fine.
The doctor won't test genetically at this time.

We had the distinct pleasure of showing the doctor
something she had never seen before.
Gabe has sectoral heterochromia.
(I can't even find a good link to illustrate for you.)
This means that not only are his eyes different colors,
but that within one eye his iris has two colors.
His right eye is divided in half horizontally -
the lower portion is dark brown and the upper is a lighter hazel color.
It's kind of creepy to look at, 
but apparently is very, very rare but harmless.
It doesn't affect his eyesight nor indicate a tumor.
(That's a big load off my mind and heart, really.)
Just another sign that each person is special and unique, I guess.

Gabriel is so fun, much loved, and such a blessing to our family.
We're thankful God sent him! 


  1. He is a really adorable baby.

  2. So cute! I'm glad to hear his checkup went well.

  3. Our old doctor has one blue eye and one brown eye he is a very intelligent and humble man. I never noticed it until he showed me one day. I guess I'm not to observant he had been our doctor for over ten years and I still didn't know this about his eye. The fact that he wears glasses may have concealed his eye colors.

  4. BTW, I meant to tell you that my almost 2-yr.-old has central heterochromia. It's not something as dramatic as what Gabe has, but it drove me crazy for a long while trying to figure out what color his eyes are. (They are brown in the center and gray on the outside.) You're right, what interesting diversity!

  5. Thanks for the update Holly - Gabe is darling! I love hearing that he goes everywhere with you and his roly-poly healthy nursing-baby-ness shows in his joyful face :) Susan T

  6. Dionne, how is your little guy? How are you?

    Kari - you're always so kind. :)

    Sara - all of my other children have central heterochromia. I know what you mean about it driving you crazy. I think that Jeff and I make some really interesting eye combinations. Mine are hazel, his are a very nice blue. I had always hoped that at least some of our children would have his eye color.

    Susan - thank you so much. You are such a sweetie to stop by and take a moment to leave kind words. :)

  7. Beautiful little boy...I am sure he brings you much joy.

  8. He is so adorable, and clearly he's a happy little guy. I can see he brings a lot of joy. :)

    I looked up images of that heterochromia on Google images - it's actually kind of mesmerizing to look at!

    I believe in my heart he's just fine too. *hugs* :)