Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yarn Along

I have not forgotten that I'm in the middle of a story.  (Parts one and two.)  I've almost finished the next installment, but need just a little bit more time to polish it up.  It is actually quite a bit of hard work to focus my mind and enter into that time frame, and believe it or not, "sitting and thinking" are rare commodities around here.

I've been very busy with wrapping up one school year and making plans for the next.  Still so much to do on that....

Also, I've been catching the children up with the doctor for various concerns.  My son Nick was tested yesterday for adrenal issues.  He's a hard worker but gets so tired.  My Dad has adrenal insufficiency, so the doctor thought it was worth checking into.

In the midst of life, though, I still find a few minutes to knit and to read.  I knit in the car or van whenever I can persuade Jake (our 18 year old) or Jeff to drive, and I read while I feed the baby.  The baby has come to that point where he is easily distracted, so I *get* to retire to my room to feed him in peace.  (Ha Ha.  I call it "me time, but who can complain when a baby needs to nurse?")  That's when I read.  It might only be a page or two, but at least it is a little snippet.

I love how Ginny at Small Things documents what she is knitting and reading at specific times in her life.  I thought I'd join her with this photo.  (Ginny is about to have her own little one any day now.  I love the sweater she is knitting!  Gorgeous!)

So, what am I reading and knitting?

I am reading Cleopatra.  It's fascinating to me.  I love how I can learn more, even, about the time that Christ came to our world through reading the histories of his contemporaries.  (Cleopatra was not a true contemporary, she lived from 69 BC to 12 BC, but fairly close.)  We can learn so much about culture, and customs, and the sociopolitical climate.  It enriches our understanding of the times into which he came and into which scripture was written.  It helps me to "get" some of the issues that were being addressed (by Paul, for example.)

And the knitting?  I'm making another little crew neck sweater for Gabe, size 18 months.  It won't be done 'til Fall, but that's okay.  He won't need it until then.  :)  I'm using a Red Heart Baby Yarn for this one.  It's so soft, a real pleasure to work with.


  1. Oh I love those nursing times when mama gets to escape for a few minutes of quiet time. I'm looking forward to getting back to those when my new little one arrives in a few months.
    Sweet yarn for your sweater!

  2. That's going to be a beautiful sweater - can't wait to see the pics of him in it. :)

    Cleopatra was so interesting, wasn't she? My understanding is that she wasn't even Egyptian, but was actually Greek.