Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pictures by Emily (Holly's oldest daughter.)

     Hi, this is Emily. My mom asked me to post some of the pictures I've taken (and played around with a bit on gimp,) and post them on her blog. I picked a few of my favorites, so here they are. :)

This was taken on mom's birthday, at our grandparent's farm. 
It's of Mariam, almost two years at the time.

This was taken on the same day as the former picture. 

This was taken early fall. I uploaded it, then used a "paint" option on 
gimp to make it look like a painting. (The original's very cute, as well.)

Taken during a family vacation in December. The setting for the 
picture was the front porch of a rustic cabin in a preserved and
restored village.

One of my favorite nature shots. :)

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  1. Thanks Emmie. These are beautiful. Looking forward to you sharing more over time.


  2. These are lovely! You have a great eye for scenes, very artistic. :)

  3. LOVE the painted one in the grass with the yellow dress!