Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knitting, reading, and hospital sitting

Four nights a week,
I spend 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.
with a 92 year old woman.
It's been a tough year with medical bills, 
so we have been thankful for this opportunity
to earn extra income.  I'm tired, but...
a body does what a body's gotta do.
(FYI:  A single medical helicopter flight 
ran $18,000.  At first, insurance said they 
would pay 1/2.  Now, they will pay at 80%)

My elderly friend has been in the
hospital for the past week, so I've been
there through the nights too.

Lots of night hours to improve my yarn hold.  I use the English method but am trying to learn the Continental method.  I like both.

Turns out I hadn't been holding my yarn correctly
for the most efficient knitting.  I'm often in such a 
hurry that I don't always take the time to learn
the best way to do something.  Things go better when you do.
Point made.  Lesson learned. 
Been doing some emesis basin holding,
ice chip feeding,
and lots of reading, too.  
Very little sleep.
It's just for a little while, though.

It's hard to watch suffering,
but she doesn't want to be alone.

Who does?

She's in surgery today.  
Praying for her tired old body
and the family that is represented at her side throughout the day.


  1. Holly, you are so sweet. She is very fortunate to have you care for her!

    I have often thought that waiting for death is like waiting for birth. No one knows exactly when it will come. We anticipate something wonderful when it is done, but we dread the pain during the process.

  2. My grandmother cared for various people like this for many years. They always seemed to become part of our family.

    And from personal experience I can agree with you that yes, having to just sit and be patient can be a tremendous opportunity for learning and blessing for yourself and for those with whom you sit.

  3. I am sure you are a comfort to your friend. & I imagine the family is very thankful for you. I am so sorry for the expenses you are facing and the little sleep. I pray that you will have energy/strength to have good days.

  4. Bless you Holly, for being Christ's hands and feet to this dear woman at the end of her life. Every moment is well spent.

  5. Thank you everyone! Just wanted to be clear - I don't have any reason to believe that this lady won't pull through. I just meant that hopefully her stay won't be long term. She might go into a nursing home following this, not sure about that, but if she does this job will end for me. That's what I meant that it won't be for too long!

    But thank you for your kindnesses! :)

  6. Praying for you both, Holly.

    I do love all the knitting pictures, you have such a talent (coming from someone who once tried to knit with the wrong ends of the an adult, no less!) I admire those who can create such beauty from strings of wool. Just lovely!

    And well do I remember the quiet need of a hospital stay.

    Blessings for you both,