Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forever speaking in plural

Forty-seven years a widow.
Thirty-five years since her youngest child grew up and left home.
Ninety-two years - she's outlived most of her peers.
And yet, she still speaks in community:

"Look!  A package came for us!"
"Let's open it up and see what they sent us!"
"Who will do our laundry?"
(Never mind that her laundry for the week
consists of only 1 towel, 2 washcloths, 2 housecoats, 
2 nightgowns and sundry undergarments.
All signs of a solitary life.)

She spends her days in solitude,
her nights with hired health-care help.
Her weekends are long, broken only
by a random visitor.

But the heart-kitting work of relationship
never quite fades away.

She still speaks in plural.

I think that I will too.

Photos by my Emily girl, age 14.


  1. So sweet. I learn much from the elderly.

    Emily girl, your photos are lovely. Thank you.

  2. Emily just wonderful! Your pictures and your writting! I need to speak in plural more!!

  3. I had to click through from bloglines to tell you that this post, photos included, is incredibly poignant. You and Emily need to collaborate more often.

  4. the pics are beautiful, Holly and the words made me nearly crying.. thank you. I hope your old friend is well and with her God's mercy.