Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coming Home!

Wednesday, June 16

We are being discharged from the hospital right now.  Jeff has been in the hospital since Saturday night.  The weekend was really rough, as our regular doctors were not on duty, and there was a lot of conflicting advice and confusion (and even poor care.)  Once Monday came, though, our regular doctors returned, and it was discovered that he had an infected PICC line.  That was removed, a new antibiotic was added, and he responded well.  So now, we are going home.  Sorry to be so brief, again, but we really ARE headed out of the door.  :)  Thanks for praying!


  1. Welcome home, joy joy Snoopy happy dance! So glad that things are going well, praise to Him Who heals. :D

  2. Oh Holly! PTL!!! I am SO thankful. My 8 yo Josiah said he would not say any prayer "even for a meal" w/o remembering to pray for Jeff too. And he hasn't! My heart has been so burdened for you this week! Thank you, Lord!

    Much love,
    Sara A.

  3. I'm glad he's coming home! I was up a couple of nights ago until three in the morning and kept looking at your site and thinking and praying for your wonderful husband and family. I'm glad you updated us. And congrats on the baby boy!

  4. Dear Holly, glad all is okay! Hope Jeff is recovering well. xx

  5. Hi Vanessa, and Sara and Sarah and Anne! Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the prayers. Sara - tell your Josiah THANK YOU from me, and from Jeff, please. What a sweet boy! (())

    Tonight we had to have a nurse come and redo the dressing on his picc line. It was bleeding and opening the dressing. One infected line is enough, we think! :) But otherwise...hopefully he'll just keep gaining strength. He was a little "frustrated" (not really, but, you know, couldn't understand...) why he was so tired when he got home from the hospital yesterday. I'm like..."Um, honey? Maybe you've been through a LOT? Maybe it takes time to heal and regain strength from another blood infection?" Funny guy... But YES, I'm so thankful he's home. So nice to have him here.

  6. Wow, I wish i were closer To love and support you. You must be running on pure adrenaline.
    Prayers and hugs