Friday, December 16, 2011

Late nights

The contents of my button box.  My little ones love to play with the buttons - sorting, choosing their favorites.  I remember doing the same thing with my mother's button box.  Good memories.  :)

So much "last-minute-gift-making" going on around here; so little I can show. (Too many little eyes....)

Dolly dresses, hand-made felt ornaments, special things made for special individuals - according to their likes and specific tastes. (I'll try to show you after Christmas.)  Nine children, ages 19 thru 14 months.  Can you imagine the FUN, the SECRETS, the ANTICIPATION? 

I'm up way too late most nights, sewing away after everyone else is in bed. I'll crash and burn and turn in early every few nights - but otherwise I am visiting 1 or 2 or even 3 a.m.  It is all worth it to me. It's not about material things, it's not a mad and ugly selfish rush, it's about reflecting the Savior's love for us and exemplifying that love to give good things to those who share our house. Yes, we live and love and serve each other every day - with Jesus as our great example - but we enjoy tradition and creating family memories at Christmas time too. We try to be clear with our children that the reason we give is because God gave; and the reason we love is because God first loved us. Love begins here, hearts are filled first at home, and from there it is poured out beyond the walls of our house.

Sometimes I have to rethink and revise my lists down, same as Soulemama and perhaps, same as you as well.  A little less effort here, a little more there; but always focusing on intentionality and on each person and on what means the most to each heart.

I'm pretty sure, though, that I'll never regret these busy nights, secretly making things (and memories) for my favorite people in the world.


  1. I SO agree! It is asuch a picture of God's love, the delight of a mother who can't wait to bless her children! I'm not crafty but I selected gifts with such excitement and anticipation, and I can't wait to see the look on her face! We delight to bless our kids and so does our Father-God.

    Val xx

  2. I think it's sad too when we have to justify why we do something a particular way (not that you were, just thinking). I want my baby to learn how to abound, and how to abase, and have joy in her heart either way. Sometimes we christians take ourselves too seriously. :)

    Bless you and yours this Christmas, Holly!

    V xx

  3. :) Yes. I understand. And me too, Val! I think, too, we get on "kicks" and follow what everyone else is doing, that we don't simply be ourselves and enjoy what works for our families. I'm not really justifying (I know you know that :) ) I'm just saying how it is. I want people to have freedom to do that. It's okay to find your own family rhythms and traditions.

  4. Part of the gift is the the effort that goes into making it. :) Those are usually the best kind.