Friday, April 8, 2011

Six months

Six months?

No way.

Six WEEKS, maybe.

Slow down, Gabe.  There's no rush!

*I have always been a shy person, always hated seeing myself in a photograph or having my picture taken.  I have a propensity toward having really poor pictures taken - my eyes are usually squinty and my hair is often messy.  :)   A couple of years ago I realized that I really needed  to change my thinking on being photographed, however, because I saw that I was indanger of inaccurately recording our family history.  I was becoming the "invisible mother" in our photographic memories - and surely that would not be an appropriate representation of our lives. 

I grew up in a home where it was absolutely forbidden to "show off."  As I planned my wedding, my father insinuated that I was wanting to "show off" or "be seen," so even on that special day, I remember cringing at being in the spotlight.  I've struggled with that (and insecurity among many other things!) since childhood.  So, it is a matter of courage for me to approve of and actually allow photographs to be taken, and even more courageous for me to post them.  But I want our children to remember these times and these days, and I want them to be able to look back at photos of us "in the now," with all eleven of us living at home.  Photographs are, of course, only a representation of a moment in time, but as such they should be as accurate as possible.  (But I draw the line and will never allow pictures to be posted of me in the morning with messy hair and mis-matched pajamas.  :)   ) 


  1. And see? I was thinking, "If I were as slim as her I would post my picture more!"


  2. Wow, Gabe is growing fast! You have a really gorgeous smile. I enjoyed reading your family updates a few posts down.

  3. Cuties, all of you. Gabe likes the thumb, huh? My youngest does too.

    Every year I put together a photo album and send it to my grandmother who lives 2000 miles away. This year I got scolded that I wasn't in any of the pictures I included. So now, I keep handing the camera to my husband and saying, "Prove that I was here." :)

  4. Brenda. ha ha. :) You're so sweet.

    Elissa - thanks. Babies do that, don't they? Wah.

    Sara - yeah, he likes his thumb, but not obsessively. Glad your Grandma reminded you to be included in the pictures. I think it is important - I really do!

  5. 6 months? I can't believe it! Already? Wow!

    And Holly, you look great. :)

  6. And what was my first thougth when I saw you? 'wow, she looks beautiful!'
    I don't think it will ever be possible for us to see ourselves like other people see us: just beautiful, normal (not ugly, fat, etc.) persons!
    (and it will be even more difficult to really see ourselves like God sees us, only with a look of love, don't you think?

    Annemarie (netherlands)

  7. HOLLY!!!!!! wow, long time no talk. i'm catching up on your life. been a LONG while since i checked blogs. so very glad to catch up. and look GREAT. i so agree. i've tried to just start getting in more pictures and not shying away from it so much. i want to document our lives more accurately, which include ME. ;)

    anyway, great to see you again. your family is looking great.

  8. Can't POSSIBLY have been six months already! He's a cutie, and I love seeing your photos, too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. You are beautiful! I am also a homeschooling mother of many with many phobias about having my picture taken. But today I take courage and inspiration from you. You are right. How silly that we mothers would NOT appear in our own family's photo records! Thank you for helping me feel more comfortable in my skin!

  10. Oh, my...I do quietly declare (!)...

    I am humbled at your words (Helene, Revka, Michawn, Annemarie, Vanessa....)I don't even know how to respond. I am so...strangely shy.

    But thank you - so kind of you. (())

    And Michawn - Hello, lady! Long time no see! I will have to stop by to catch up! :)

  11. Helene - I could not comment on your blog! If ever you come back by here, i want you to know that I enjoyed looking thru your posts. You have a lovely family!