Saturday, August 14, 2010

And just like that, we have a name.

 Large families are a mystery to many.  Some people can't imagine how we could name so many children.  We have struggled with a name for son number 6, baby number 9, but we have finally come up with a name.

After months of deliberations, here's how it went down.

Thanks to my brother, Jeff and I had a gift card to a restaurant.  (I include that part so that my brother can feel good about his role in this.)

We bribed the older kids to watch the youngers, and made the drive to the city. 

I knew that I wanted to talk about baby names.  It was time to nail this down.  Jeff just thought he was going to have a quiet supper, where he didn't have to cut anyone's meat or jump up to give refills.

We sat down.  We ordered. 

I pulled a piece of paper and pen out of my purse and said, "Okay.  It's time.  What are we going to name this child?"  I expected this process to take a good chunk of our time.

My husband is a quiet, laid back man.  (Mostly.)

He said, "Well, what are the names we have talked about.  Remind me of the ones we both said we would be okay with."

I wrote them down, there were two.  I said them outloud.  I said them in order.  They sounded good.  They fit.

He nodded his head and said, "I can live with that."

And that was that.  Our son has a name, and since that time I've enjoyed bonding with the little guy that is rolling and kicking and making me miserable.

I was worried that we wouldn't come up with a name that we would love.  I needn't have worried.  I love this child, and I love this name.

Sorry, but it's a secret for about 8 more weeks.  I know that's cruel - but that's the way it is.  :)

After all the struggle, it was that easy.  Just like that, and we have a name.


  1. YAY! Can't wait to find out.

  2. As I was reading this post, I was trying so hard not to let my eyes catch the name in bold at the end. I wanted to read as the whole story unraveled... evidently I worried over nothing, since you didn't give us the name! AHHHH!!! The anticipation is eating me alive. But I'm glad it's not eating YOU alive anymore!

  3. Holly! THis reminds of what Arran and I did!

    We went out for dinner the night of December 21st, and took our short list of boys' names with us, determined to nail one down (we didn't know what we were having and could NOT come up with a boy's name!!). Came back with no resolution, I was desperate for the loo, and whoosh! my waters broke. We left the list at home accidently, and as soon as Amelie was born, I looked to see...girl! and thought, "Phew!" we have a name for a girl! Ha ha!

    I'm glad your dinner was more fruitful than ours!


  4. As a fellow mom, I can relate to the relief you feel at having settled on a name, and BEFORE the baby has arrived. Picking names has been a challenge for us but all 12 have first and middle names. =) My husband picked out most of them, surprising me with traditional names I never would have singled out on my own.
    Thinking of you and praying your final weeks of pregnancy go quickly. Can't wait to hear the name you've chosen!

  5. LOL What a tease you are, keeping everyone in suspense like that! :D I'm sure his name is awesome. :)

  6. Love it, Holly. Can't wait to learn the name and hear of his safe birth. :)

  7. I laughed, Husbands always think it is about dinner. While we have been waiting (perhaps months)for a few moments alone to actually talk.
    The Last couple names came so easily. I do believe God already knows. It was that first name we so foolishly fought over.
    Well we will be guessing and speculating untill we finally hear. Then we shall say "ah yes, that sounds like a Johnson name".