Friday, July 30, 2010

Thinking about baby names

We are thinking, thinking, thinking....about baby boy names.

We're stumped. 

Some of you may remember that in the past, God has given us the names for our children before they were born.  (Some of you may think that's crazy, but it's true.)  We knew, in our hearts, the names for our last four children.

This time, God seems to be saying, "Hey.  You're on your own with the name this time."

I think we've forgotten how to do that.

Jeff and I generally agree on most things, but I've been shocked to learn that we don't like the names the other picks out. 

I'll suggest a perfectly great name.  He wrinkles his nose.  "Meh..."

He suggests a name, and I can think of a dozen reasons WHY I don't like his choice.

I'm learning that I'm picky.  I don't like soft sounds for boys, or certain letter combinations.  I won't even consider some beginning letters, I skip right over E, F and G (among others) on the baby name websites.  But at least I can give a good reason for why I don't like a name.  Sometimes it's because I've known too many people with that particular name.

I've taken to looking specifically through baby names from other countries, since we can't seem to find any within our own culture.

Some people think it's because we have so many boys that we can't come up with yet another name.  That's not it at all.  We just can't agree.

I asked our resident 2 year old what she thought we should name our new baby.  She thought, she got excited, she said, "Ummmm....I think.....we him........BABY!"

Big help.

Our other children are also "helpful."  They can come up with dozens of names...but none of them are serious and none of them are acceptable.


Beo  Wolf
Hal Shar Ha Al Shaz Baz
The Peaceful Noodle
Tubal Cain
Curious George

When it comes right down to it, if we have no name by baby's birth date, I will remind them that I carried him and that I will nurse him for a year or more. 

It's a pretty good trump card.


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  2. A very good friend of mine had a baby and we called him "baby tip tap" for 3 days because he didn't have a name - that is what his 2 yo sister had named him. :) He did get a name eventually - Ryan.

    I have another friend who wanted to have her 3rd son have a strong name so she named him Andronicus (I am not sure if I even spelled that right, its Greek). It is a mouthful but it is "strong". :)

  3. Well, I think Beo Wolf is a nice strong name. No soft sounds there!

    We have this same predicament every time we have another girl. After 7 or so, it's hard to come up with something EVERYONE can agree upon. And with each baby, there are more EVERYONES to pitch in an opinion!

  4. Baby tip tap. Not bad....I'll have to consider that. :)

    Connie - so true! That's what I found out this time too! In the past - we've not even told the kids before hand what we were having nor what the name was. This time? They've known it all from the get go - and they've inserted themselves in a mighty way into the deliberations. So, I suggest a name, and the ENTIRE table groans....and subsequently they come up with their own twisted suggestions. :) They're all jokers around here, too - so - yes. We have some interesting suggestions. At some point, we have to get serious. I look at his little picture on the refrigerator, and say, "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" (I need to know who is making me so miserable....)

    But anyway - I am glad to not be alone. It is difficult to find a name everyone agrees on. It's not just Jeff and myself - although - we do hold higher voting rights... Grin.

  5. Gabriel. :)

    Don't know why, but that popped into my head this morning when I was saying my prayers and thinking of you.

    Not to imply that it was like "God told me to tell you" sort of thing! Nothing like that. :) I was just praying for an easy delivery for you and ... and Gabriel popped into my head.

    Maybe because he's your little angel? :D

    Thank you for all your prayers for us - I think God is listening to you. :D

  6. Simon,
    Jethro (no, not really) :),

    that's all the comes to my mind. :)

    have fun finding a name.

  7. Stephanie babysat for 3 boys last night - Attticus, Prescott and Jackson???


  8. Well our boys names we love (if we ever have a boy :)): Gabriel, Uriel, Uziel, Ariel, Chaim, Israel. Noticing a theme? :) Best of Luck!

  9. That is a trump card! Casey and I usually agree but we didn't agree about Christian (although I love it now) and we took a long time to agree on Luke. I like strong, manly sounding names for boys, too, but they're getting harder to find with the trends towards turning boy names into girl names (we know 3 precious little girls named Micheal, James and Brock) and using either/or names like Bailey and Taylor. Those are all nice names, just not the names I wanted for my little man:) In the meantime I 'll be praying for y'all - maybe God's just making you sweat it for awhile:)

  10. I don't think it is crazy at all and I have only had that experience with one of my children. When I was in the first trimester with my second son, I knew it was a boy and his name was Nathanael "gift of God".

    It is funny about your letter aversions. I am with you on E and F but I love G names for boys. So many good ones: Gilbert, Graham, Gareth, Gideon, Gabriel, Garth, Grant...I could go on but I am not trying to change your mind! I understand how letters can seem to have a personality and you either like them or you don't.

    We drew a total blank for our fifth son. Neither my husband nor I could think of a name, even after he was born! They really think your nutty in this day and age if your baby is not named at birth but ours did not have a name until the car was packed and we were ready to leave the hospital. We did end up letting the other kids name him since we couldn't think of anything but his name is NOT Tubal Cain.

  11. Hope, I noticed that too. From 20 weeks on, I was asked if I knew what we were having. Then, they asked me if I had a name picked out. When I replied that we did not (yet,) they looked at me and/or commented about having so many kids that I'd probably run out of names. I have thought..."seriously? I still have time, don't I?"

    I do confess, though, that I asked Jeff the other night - "Just how long can you go after the baby is born before you name it?" I have known people to take several weeks to get to know the baby and to feel sure...

    As to alphabet letters...I am very inconsistent on that thought. :) We have a daughter named Emily - so maybe it's just a boy thing. :) Most likely, it is fickleness on my part. :)

    Rhonda, I suggested Atticus to Jeff - you know, like Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird?

    Vanessa, I sure hope that things are looking up for you!

    Shannon - you always pick very nice names. :) Strong and full of character.

    Tiffany - how do you plan to pronounce Chaim? I considered that one - would it be with an H sound or the Hebraic way of pronouncing it? Kinda originating in your throat? Life. It's got good meaning. :)

  12. Annette - those are nice names. :) I always think of the Beverly Hillbillies when I hear the name Jethro.

  13. We like Nehemiah. If our last girl had been a boy that's what she would have been named.